Introduction: Fox3TwoShip

Hello ADI!

Looks like a jam packed org with lots of activities, lots of good players to enjoy the 30k’s with :wink:

Definitely primary interest is in the: Fleet Pilot/Combat Pilot/Marine Pilot role and bunkers with a secondary interest in the industrial like salvage and mining. I live in Chicago which seems perfect for membership in the org and there are a lot of small details that really got my interest in ADI. Here is my current fleet:

Look forward to joining in later on some awesome missions and getting to know everyone. From everything I’ve seen so far and my brief intro on Mumble earlier with @TR0PHY , I think I’m in the right place :slight_smile:

Hi Fox, welcome to ADI. Nice Fleet

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Welcome aboard Fox3TwoShip. Yeah, loving those 30k’s so much I’ve stopped actively playing for a bit (again)… but will be back when more content added.

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Welcome to ADI and look forward to seeing you in the verse.

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I have withdrawn my application, unfortunately asking me to change my screen name was a non-starter and that’s not a good look to begin a relationship with, I don’t think some understand the meaning that goes into this one, it’s not negotiable. Very nice clan however, I’m sure the gameplay is enjoyable, but that was just not a good first impression. Thank you all for the time.

The callsign you have, would be confusing in combat for fellow members.

FOX 3 is a brevity term that we use in combat to indicate firing of a radar guided missile.

FOX 3 TWO would mean I’ve launched two radar guided missiles.

TWO SHIP means a formation of 2 ships, which is also used in our brevity guide.

In the heat of combat, your chosen call sign could become very confusing to other pilots, or to yourself. Some examples:

Two Ship Enemy 9 o’clock - Do I mean TwoShip, you have an enemy at 9 o’clock, or do I mean there is a 2 ship enemy formation at MY nine o’clock?

HORNET2 FOX3 split S and focus fire on enemy Cutlass - Do I mean Hornet 2 fire a radar guided missile and then split S to attack an enemy cutlass, or do I mean HORNET2 and you split S and then attack the enemy cutlass?

We don’t ask people to change call signs for the fun of it, there is logic behind our request. Another org may not practice brevity in combat, and your call sign might not pose an issue for them. But, we do use brevity to quickly communicate in combat, and your chosen handle could cause confusion in combat when we can least afford it.

Again, sorry we’re not a good fit for you, but I hope you understand the request was not without some merit.

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Welcome to ADI Fox3TwoShip. I’m glad you joined the team. I look forward to running into you in game.

Welcome to ADI @Fox3TwoShip i look forward to working with you

Greetings Fox3TwoShip, Welcome to ADI. Your fleet image is very nicely done! I’m mostly a miner and trader so we have some of the same ships. I love the Pices for deliveries as you can land it in tight quarters. See you in the verse.

I’m with you on that mate. Tough decision but makes sense and it’s what most of us initially joined the clan for.
Lol at the messages after the withdrawal :slight_smile:

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