Introduction: Essan

I’m Essan, playing from US-East. Literally my first day in Star Citizen, attempted to perform some get rich quick missions based on youTube but I am getting a bit tired of becoming the missing client. Played various FPS/MMO’s, hoping to be a productive member and learn from everyone.


Essan (Fred)

Hi @Essan,

Welcome to the org, do not get discouraged by the learning curve of this game.

I suggest you join mumble and start playing with other people who will help you out or watch some of the streams available on twitch featuring our org members.

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Welcome to ADI Essan. There’s strong mentoring spirit here in ADI so you’ve certainly picked the right org. I look forward to getting you into mining.

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Hi Essan welcome to ADI and enjoy you first day in SC BRO…

Heya, Essan :slight_smile: Welcome to the club. May I ask you where your name comes from? Had an Iranian friend called ehsan and you directly reminded me of him. So what are ya flying atm? :smiley:

Welcome @Essan! This is a very supportive community. Don’t hesitate to ask questions, we will help you :slight_smile:

Yep definitely know that feeling, never found my missing client in the cave, I’m going to assume he’s been dead for some time now. Hang in there and I’ll help you look for a dead guy next week…

Hi Essan Welcome to Star Citizen and ADI!

For the time being you’re going to go through a bit of a learing curve to catch up with how 3.8 works, how to use your ship and to live with daily bugs until one day they are erradicated by CIG :slight_smile:. It was nice talking to you and thank you for bearing with me on my first onboarding.

Appreciate it alot and hope to see you in the next Org op.


@Essan welcome to ADI, great to have you with us. If you are looking to make money quick I would suggest crewing up with some of the Org members who run big cargo. They often pay their crew very well. There are plenty of other ways to get rich but I don’t know any that are real fast. FPS mining is one of my favorites. Do a few package runs and you will have enough to buy the tool and the ruck sack. Get into mumble and team up to do just about any mission… best and quickest way to get money that I can think of.

Welcome aboard Essan!!! It can be daunting to get started making monies here in the verse, but we’re all here to assist with that. Talk to you soon fellow East coaster. :slight_smile:

Hey Essan!

First day is super exciting (daunting)! Lots to learn and soak up, luckily it’s a very interesting subject matter. If you’re looking to make some money hit me up in mumble and I’ll take you mining!

Welcome to the ORG,
glad to have you along.
we have plenty of people so dont be afraid to join in.
We do certifications and operations, we post them on our forum, so keep an eye, its a great way to get into the game and playing with in a group is a bonus?
Hope to see you around

Welcome, Essan, glad to have you aboard! If you need any help or have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask , we’re always here to help. Looking forward to flying with you in the Verse!

Welcome @Essan, glad to have you with us. Don’t let the alpha bugs discourage you. Things are constantly improving and tightening with solid consistency. The first few days can be a bit daunting but you’ll adapt quickly. So feel free to ask questions and jump into groups.

Welcome to ADI glad to have you in the org.

Welcome to ADI, great to have you on board :slight_smile:

Just would like to thank everyone for the well wishes and the welcome. I have attempted to do a few things on my own and began discovering quickly some bugs that surely spiced things up during game play lol.

Been playing some VR racing meantime and taking care of some offline stuff. Hope to fly with everyone soon.


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