Introduction - emilwojcik93

Hello I’m emilwojcik93. I join to Star Citizen at the beggining of october. I like this type of gameplay and the direction in which the game develops.I like hand mining (ROC mining is too expensive for me), make exciting missions and some cargo shipment.


Welcome aboard! I dont do much hand mining unless I am in prison…ahaha but ROC mining currently can be a pain in the … but it is also very rewarding and profitable. There are a number of members that do it, feel free to ask for tips and help! plus the M&S Division can help out too if Mining what you like doing! see ya in the verse!

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Welcome! There has been a lot of org ops recently centered around hand-mining, make sure to join them if you see them, you’ll have a blast.

If the ROC is too expensive for you right now, hit me up the next time you see me and I’ll let you use mine! You can make enough to buy your own in just one outing.

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Hi Emilwojcik93 Welcome to ADI!
See you in mumble.

Welcome to ADI @emilwojcik93! Hand mining is a good place to start! If you ever wish to hop into a ship to try mining that way I am sure there will be several members willing to let you use theirs.

Welcome to ADI, I also a miner, I definitely recommend either ROC mining or Prospector mining. They are very profitable and an enjoyable play loop!

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Thx guys for info. I’m just done playing with other players for today and it was fantastic. ROC mining, Prospector Asteroid Mining, some missions, flying with new kind of ships or maybe I should say yachts. I love it, this is so much fun :smiley:

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Welcome to ADI @emilwojcik93!

Glad to see that you are enjoying the game, I like the direction of the game a lot too. If CGI can make some time frames, 2021 should be an exciting year for Star Citizen.

See you in the verse!

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Welcome to ADI! Mining in all its aspects is a great way to make some money, and fun to boot :slight_smile: Don’t forget to check out other aspects of play as well, the combat is pretty good, and then take some time to just fly around and enjoy the sights. See you in the verse!

hey you should join me on some ROC mining maybe you enjoy it. and welcome to ADI!!

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Welcome to ADI emilwojcik. I’m glad you joined the team. Sounds like M&S is ideal for you. I hope to see you there.

Hey Emil, we’ve already played together about 10 times, but officially: WELCOME!!! See you in the 'verse

Any questions you need help with just let us know, we’re a big family!