Introduction DuckLord999

Hi im Duck new in the org.
from Belgium love space stuff.


Welcome to the best org in the verse

Welcome DuckLord. Awesome name! We all love doing space stuff too.

Briefest. Intro. Ever. :slight_smile: Hope to see you in the verse!

Welcome to ADI DuckLord. I’m glad you joined the team. I hope to see you participating in ADI’s mass org ops soon.

Hi Duck, welcome to ADI.

Welcome to ADI! Space stuff is the best :slight_smile: is there anything you are most drawn to in this game? Or just that it’s an amazing space game? See you in the verse!

@DuckLord999 Welcome to ADI!. What kind of Space stuff… there’s lots to choose :smiley:

Welcome to ADI @DuckLord999! What division are you looking to join in?

was drawn to the game for its looks really and stayed for the community :smiley:.

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Everything really :sweat_smile: .

Welcome to ADI @DuckLord999!

Me too I love space games of all genres, especially first person flight sims.

Welcome aboard and see you in the verse!

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Hey Duck, nice to have you on board. I hope you’ll enjoy your time here in ADI.

What was your first ship in game? Are you looking forwards to getting a specific ship?

See you in the verse.

Hey @DuckLord999 How are you?
Whats better Swiss chocolate or Belgan Chocolate :stuck_out_tongue: If you need anything come find me and ill try and help

Thx i will . My first ship was the avenger but my fav is the sabre atm its just looks cool af to me.
Really looking forward to getting caterpillar for trading :smiley:.
see you around.

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Im good.
haha good question obviously Belgium chocolate :crazy_face:.
but for real i’ve never heard of swiss chocolate lmfao it may be cuz belgium doesnt allow it in here cuz its better idk :sweat_smile: :rofl:

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