Introduction - DraxxBergeron

Howdy ADI:

I’m very interested in joining your organization, as it seems to be exactly what I’m looking for… an organized and active group centered around having fun and saving all the drama for your mama. I’m a U.S. Marine Corps vet and currently working in the Washington, D.C. area, but originally from the great state of Texas. I don’t know much about Star Citizen, but I’ve pledged a little bit of money back in 2017 and, most importantly, I’m very eager to learn as the concept is pretty incredible and ADI seems the best way to achieve that goal. Thanks for the consideration!


Great to see you here. We have many people who are in the forces or retired from the forces.
Welcome aboard!

Welcome to the org, and thank you for your service! I spent some time in DC for work as well, though I am not military. Very hectic area, I think I would greatly prefer Texas.

Welcome to ADI and the verse .

Welcome to ADI Draxx. was a pleasure to onboard you. You will fit in great here as we have a lot of veterans here and some that are still serving. Any questions or help you need please reach out to any of us. We are all here to help.

From one bootneck to a leatherneck, Semper Fi

Fleet Security Marines! Yes sir. The ground ops bring me back to my Army days. Welcome Brother.

Many thanks for all of the kind replies! I look forward to meeting you all in the 'Verse and elsewhere.

@Royal Very thorough job with the on-boarding interview. Likewise, it was a pleasure chatting with you and, of course, I bid you a Semper Fidelis, as well.

Welcome to ADI, DraxxBergeron. Another vet too. I’m also a vet and from the DC area

Welcome to ADI