Introduction - dr_spinaltap

I was invited here a while back, now that the game is mature enough I am looking for an org.

I like the idea that this is a serious group that is drama free. I am very interested in scenarios and group play and plan to captain a capital ship when the game comes out.

I want to develop my fighting skills in ground, fighter and capital engagements. I spend lots of time testing out component configurations for ships looks for any edge that is available.

I play just about every night. And I am looking to get involved and grow my skills. I like the idea of a certifications and rankings in general though I have never served in the military.


Hello @dr_spinaltap! Hope to see you on Mumble soon! ADI is amazing. Lots of opportunities for everything you listed. The first step is onboarding. Then the Verse is the limit.

Hi Dr, welcome to ADI. Its great playing in here and I hope to see you on soon.

Welcome to ADI dr_spinaltap. I’m glad you joined the team. I look forward to your participation in ADI’s mass ops.

Welcome to AID @dr_spinaltap!

We have missions going each week for various types of group ops.

The certifications are great, I learned a few things from them even though I thought I had a firm grip on it from just working it out in game.

I hope to catch you around some time.

Welcome to ADI @dr_spinaltap!

Good talking with you. Hope to travel with you in the 'verse!

Howdy and welcome!

A serious and drama-free group we are, we take pride in being efficient at what we do all while enjoying the game and making friends along the way.

I will see you around soon!

Welcome to ADI! You are among like minded individuals here. The organization and structure of this group is what draws most people to us. To work on your skills, join in on what ever is going on in mumble, the random groups are always doing something fun :slight_smile: And when you have time, sign up for the ops. That’s the best way to gain new skills, and meet many of our members in the more organized environment. See you in the verse!

Welcome to ADI dr_spinaltap. We have a lot of good times here and are mature and mostly professional about the gameplay, everything is very well thought out and organized and I hope you like it here. That in mind keep checking the forums and SIGN UP for any org ops and training that interest you. Keep looking out for that capital fleet training when the time comes.

Welcome to ADI @dr_spinaltap glad to ya be already met you in mumble, hope to fly with you soon.

Hi Dr_Spinaltap, you picked the right group. See you in the verse.

welcome aboard @dr_spinaltap, flew with ya for a moment last night… nice hammerhead :wink: you’ll need some gunners for that baby! see ya around!

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