Introduction: dishonour

Hi all,
I’m dishonour, I’m 17, live in the UK and I’m an apprentice electrician, completely new to star citizen and I’m looking forward to learning to play.
Ill see you out there.

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welcome to the org :wink:
hope you enjoy your time

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Welcome to ADI.

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Welcome to ADI dishonour. I’m glad you joined the team. I look forward to running into you.

Hi dishonour and welcome to the Org.

Just to give you some help, we have self certifications that can help you get acclimated with how the current game mechanics operate for Crew, Flight, Combat Flight, Mining and Commerce.

Also we do have training sessions that give you more guidance for playing the game like Marine Training and Formation flying. Check the calendar on our website for these events and others that might interest you.

If you need any help or assistance you can drop a message on discord (ADI Channel) or ask any staff member that is available to talk to on Mumble.

Once again, welcome to ADI and hope to see you in the next OrgOP.

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