Introduction: Darkonblood

Hello everyone, I a new player to Star Citizen. Just joined at the end of last month, been spending a few days kind of getting a feel for the controls and the game.

So far, most of what I’ve been enjoying in game in mining and cargo hauling, so I am definitely interested in those kinds of positions within the org. as well.

Besides SC, I also play a lot of other games, such as DnD, World of warships and Tanks, and many others. (Most of which I only play every now and again when I have a itch lol.)

Anyways, looking forward to playing with yall and looking forward to this game as it develops. Thanks for letting me join!

Welcome to ADI, Nice you got in an Org, I did the same thing when i started it makes everything better. I would tell you to always jump in mumble. This is a great group of people super helpful and a lot of us play a lot, so always some one to fly with or chat. What ship did you start with?

Welcome to the Org Darkonblood, it’s been fun hanging out with you in Onboarding 1. Let me know if there’s anything I can help you with.

I started with the Mustang Alpha, but as of right now I have upgraded to the Cutluss Black

Hi Darkonblood,

Welcome to ADI! Glad you could join us. I like you really enjoy cargo running and mining. It is super laid back and I could do it for hours. Feel free to hop in Mumble and meet all the lovely folks here.

Hope to see you in the verse!

Thank you for the welcome :smiley:

Welcome to the Org @Darkonblood. Jump into mumble and see what’s goin on , if you want to ask other members to try other ships.

Welcome Darkonblood, good to have you here. We happen to have a reasonably sizeable number of wargaming players active at the moment. I hope to get to space truck with you soon.
See you in the verse!

Welcome to the org @Darkonblood,

Hope to see you in the verse.


Welcome aboard Darkonblood! Great to have you in ADI and see you soon in the verse!

Welcome to ADI Darkonblood, its a great time here.
If you need anything, check out mumble or hit me up on discord.
See you around

It’s a good time right now for Mining and Hauling, this patch hasn’t been to well for missions. Bounty hunting is not to bad, but it’s a repeat cycle like everything else with little challenge if you play within your ship class.
See you in the verse

Welcome @Darkonblood,

If you have any questions hop on mumble or post on the discord and we can help you out.
See you in the verse!

Welcome to the ORG @Darkonblood! Mining; fun yet dangerous. Cargo Hauling, Lucrative, yet the server can be your enemy:)

Welcome to ADI. It is a pleasure to have you with us. Let any of us know if you need anything. See you on Mumble :slight_smile:

NIce to have you with us @Darkonblood! Looking forward to flying with you in the verse! What is your favorite DnD edition I enjoyed playing 3.5 the most.

My favorite was 3.5 as well honestly, though I am enjoying 5th as well. Thank you for all the welcomes guys, I look forward to flying the verse with you guys too!

@Darkonblood welcome to ADI! i used to play a bit of world of tanks, never got into world of warships…now you got me wanting to try it out haha! again welcome, and hope to see you out in the black!

Thank you and hope to see you too!

Welcome to ADI Darkonblood. I’m glad you joined the org. I look forward to seeing you in game.

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