Introduction: DANGER_Z0NE

Hello All,

I'm a aircraft mechanic by trade, I've been playing FPS and flight sim games my whole life. Started playing Star Citizen back in 2016, but didn't get on PU a lot due to not having a computer that could handle it very well at the time. I never really thought about joining an organization until a few days ago, when I found myself pulling security at T&M with another ADI recruit. I had a lot of fun providing ground security from a rock with a sniper rifle outside T&M, while he flew combat air patrol in his 600i. We didn't get much action, but it was neat to see how everyone thought we were pirates at first, then found out he was with ADI, and started coming around. It was nice the see the appreciation and respect the trader's had for us providing security for them.

Hope to see you all out there.

Welcome to ADI!
Yes this game gets even more fun when you team up=) And here in ADI there will almost always be ppl online. If you enjoyed doing security on T&M, you should sign up for some of the ORGOPS.

I hope to see you in the verse soon!
have a good one!


Welcome to ADI.

We have a large player base that both love to play Star Citizen, are experienced and love doing things together as a team. I am looking forward to flying with you in the verse :slight_smile:

Welcome to ADI @DANGER_Z0NE!
Thats one of the things that I appreciate with this org. We come together to solve various tasks in Star Citizen and other games.

Given your interest in pulling security I am certain that you will be appreciated by our Traders.
Looking forward to getting to know you 'verseside.

Hi Danger, welcome to ADI.

Hi & welcome to ADI Danger_zone
Looking forward to flying with you verse side.

@DANGER_Z0NE Welcome to the Org. That is really cool you are an aircraft mechanic. I’m sure your knowledge of flight sims will help you here.

Regards… Ls

those are the moments that make it great with this org. you joined a good one and looking forward to working some ops with you

Welcome to ADI, DANGER_Z0NE, if you have any questions or need any help please don’t hesitate to ask, we’re always glad to help. Looking forward to flying with you in The Verse!

Welcome to ADI! glad you had an awesome first encounter with us and made the decision to join. The emmergent gameplay created by players is always some of the best fun you can have. See you in the verse!

Welcome to ADI Danger_Zone. I’m glad you joined the team.

Welcome to ADI, keep checking the forums and SIGN UP for any training and org ops that interest you.

Welcome to ADI, have fun!