Introduction: Cobra22


Don’t forget the 600i or the Connie Phoenix Nilen. If you’re going to transport people, do it in style.


Ah yes, I forgot the luxury liners. I was thinking more ferry, packing the most you can into a ship an less a yacht out there for the fun of being off the shore…


Sounds suspiciously like human trafficking…


Greetings Cobra,

Welcome to ADI, we are glad to have you. I can say that we do need combat pilots, we can’t get enough of them really. I want to do everything in this game but quite often you are going to have to fight your way into or out of something. So keep those skillz sharp. Let me know if I can help.



haha. No there are ships like the Genesis Starliner that are dedicated passenger transport ships. Think of the airlines we have on Earth, but in space. The Starliner isn’t in game yet though


The Genesis Starliner would be the ship of the trade. Unfortunately, the Starliner is not in the game yet


The dedicated ship for this career, the Genesis Starliner, is not in the game yet


Greetings Cobra, and welcome aboard here at ADI! Glad to have you here, and look forward to flying with you soon here in the 'verse!


Eeeehhhhh… It’s only illegal at Hurston rn.


The other four ships are in game right now. And the two I mentioned before a dedicated to the job at hand, the luxury liners are more for exploration or luxury.

But you are right the Liner is DEDICATED to moving people.


Thanks for all the warm greetings! Unfortunately, the game is super buggy for me right now and kicks me out of the server (sometimes the game entirely) before I can even get to my ship at Olisar, so it may be a little bit before yall see me in game


Thanks for the optioins. As I said, I am new to the game and any advice helps


How many is it supposed to fit?


300 I believe. It is supposed to be extremely modular, we may be able to turn into a drop ship with the right modules! RSI says it is a bulldog with shields and armor (it is light on the weapons though)


Hey Cobra and welcome to the Org! As for Combat Pilot its not a bad job and helps you learn to defend yourself when/if things go sideways. So what career path are you interested in and awaiting ships/mechanics for?


Passenger transport. But it will be awhile before the Starliner is in game.


Hey Cobra I played with you the other night. I hadn’t realized you had only recently joined. Welcome to ADI. I look forward to future ops with you.