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Hello everybody,
I’ve recently started to play Star Citizen years after first hearing about it. So far, I’m loving it and is by far extremely immersive. In the past, I’ve played mainly fantasy games, such as The Elder Scrolls series, KOTOR, Fable, etc. This is most definitely my style of game. I work in information technology and am a musician as well. I write music and I am a member of two bands. I’m very excited to grow into this game.

Thanks for reading!

  • Chris

Hey @chrisjcz928,

Welcome to ADI! Was a pleasure talking to you and look forward to playing with you in verse!

Hi Chris, welcome to ADI. What gameplay are you looking forward to the most? I love FPS but it’s lacking atm. I’m trying to learn how to dog fight but I need a better ship.

Welcome to thE Org @chrisjcz928. I myself was an MMO player before this. Look forward to rocking it in Verse with you.

Welcome Chris! You’ve got a lot in common with a few of our members already, and I’m sure you’ll fit right in! Hit me up so we can fly together soon! See you in the 'Verse!

Hi chrisjcz928, Welcome aboard! SC has come a long way and still more to come. It will only get better. See you in the verse!

Hi @chrisjcz928,

Welcome to ADI.

The immersion totally gets me too. I love how the sense of 1:1 Scale follows from inside, to outside from small ship to large ships etc.

I am looking forward to flying with you and discovering the verse.

Welcome to the ever evolving system of Star Citizen and to ADI itself. If you need a hand don’t hesitate to around we’re always ready to help!

Welcome to ADI, @chrisjcz928! I’m glad that you found the jump from fantasy to sci-fi an easy one, though I guess KOTOR might have helped a bit there. Hope to see you around!

Welcome to the Org. I’m also a big fane of sci-fi and fantasy games. SC is by far me favorite game of this type. I used to play Elite Dangerous but this game is much more detailed. Take care and I hope to see you on Mumble.

Welcome to ADI chrisjcz928. I’m glad you joined the team.

Welcome to ADI! Make sure to check out our various ops. They are fun, and a great way to meet many of the members as well as pick up some good tips and tricks for playing. See you in the verse!

Welcome @chrisjcz928 !

Always good to see new faces in the org. If you need any help let me know. Hope to travel with you in the 'verse.

Welcome to ADI, Chrisjcz928, if you have any questions or need any help please don’t hesitate to ask, we’re always glad to help. Looking forward to flying with you in The Verse!

Welcome to ADI and the verse @chrisjcz928! We’re a great group to help you get up to speed in the game. Hop on mumble and see what everybody is up to. See you in the verse!

Hey Chris! Welcome to Star Citizen and ADI! I think a lot of people feel the same way about many of those games. I loved KOTOR and the Elder Scrolls as well. I hope to see you soon in the 'verse!

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