Hi everyone! my names nick, I’m from New Hampshire which is on the eastcoast of the USA. I received an invite to join your clan and I can say that I am very interested in doing so, I just picked up star citizen recently so I’m still learning the game but I have a few ships like the connie, mustang, and a few others I really like this game and look forward to meeting you guys.
-Cheers CAT


Welcome to ADI Cat.

The Connie is a good ship for commerce, and the mustang is my personal favo of the starter ships. What are you most interested in doing in the game?

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Well I really like the PvP/PvE(Fleet security/PCS) in star citizen so anything relating to that would be awesome, but I’ll be down to try anything I’m still really new to the game like I said so right now I’m just trying to get a good foot hold of knowledge to help me progress further into the verse

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Hey Cat, Welcome to ADI. You picked the best org if your new to the game looking to learn.


Hi Cat, Welcome to ADI. If you are after more information about the game just post a question onto discord or hop onto mumble. ADI has plenty of experienced players who can help. See you in the verse.


Thank you for the warm welcomes, I havent found the discord link yet but I did join the mumble however I was unable to join channels since I’m still new on there too

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That’s great CatdelNorris. Welcome to ADI. This is a great org to learn the game in. Lots to do and lots of experienced players interested in your development. I look forward to running ops with you.

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Likewise I’ve been practicing in the offline modes and the flight controls of this game are so crazy I haven’t played many games that are this detailed


Hey Cat, join Mumble you will be in the lobby and one of us will grab you to finish up your on-boarding.


Solid copy connecting now


Welcome to ADI Cat. Look forward to you finishing on boarding and getting to fly with you in the verse.

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Welcome to ADI Cat! You’ll find this org to be a solid buncha folks with a wide range of experience. It’s a good place to be. Cheers! o7

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Good to have you with us CATNORRIS!
This is a great org with great members.
if you need anything shoot a message in discord or make a forum post, im sure there will be someone eager to assist or answer questions.
Check out the org ops as they have started back up again (hurray!).
you will learn much from participating in the ops. (i am still learning tons).
See you in the verse!

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Hi Cat and Welcome to ADI look forward to fly with you soon :smiley:


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Welcome Cat ADI is a great place, you’re going to love it here.

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Welcome Cat! Glad to have you with us here at ADI, you picked the right org to call home with active and experienced members to enjoy the Verse. What ships are you currently flying? Hope to fly with you soon.

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Hey everyone! ive got news, ive purchased a few other ships to add to my hanger, the freelancer MAX, ANVIL ARROW, AEGIS AVENGER TITAN, MUSTANG GAMMA(skrrrr), AEGIS GLADIUS, ORIGIN 325A FIGHTER those combining with my already large collection including the CONNIE, HORNET F7C, the DRAKE LOOT AND SCOOT PACKAGE, and the mustang/squad 42 starter bundle. hopefully I get to use all these craft to the max. I hope everyone has a great day see ya in the verse!


Welcome aboard to ADI Cat! It looks like you have a nice little fleet going and well on your way to making your mark in the Verse with the team! When I first purchased the Mustang Squadron 45 package in 2015, the Mustang was more like the Delta version then CIG did their revamp like they usually do on their ships and then ended up with the crappy Alpha, so I updated to Arrow, and then the Cutlass Black. I will soon be adding another vehicle and be in the process of updating my controls to the Warthog. Well it great to have you aboard and see you soon in the Verse!

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Welcome to the verse and ADI! Lots of helpful folks here, so if you’re curious on anything feel free to ask. Look forward to seeing you out there!

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yeah my 300i that I think I got with the free weekend kills me when i use the ladder lmao I’m not sure what caused it but I landed next to jumptown and thankfully didn’t buy anything but before i could even get on the ground I went into the animation and died lol its only happened that once but I haven’t tried it again lol