Introduction candycane1991

hello im candycane1991, kinda new to computer stuff; but I am excited to learn to play star citizens!!!


Hi CandyCane, Welcome to ADI. There’s loads for people here that will help you learn. What type of gameplay are you into?

Welcome to the Team, Candycane1991! Lots of people here who can help you out; you can reach them with Mumble. What are you interested in doing in the game?

I enjoy exploring and shooting games. I’ve just switched from xbox to pc so I’m slowly figuring everything out.

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As far as what I’m interested in still not sure, just trying to learn everything. I’m super excited though

Welcome to ADI @candycane1911 !!! What has brought you around to PC gaming?

Been wanting to switch over, I must say so far so good

That is great to hear. Hope to see you on mumble when I am so we can fly together, see what you enjoy in the game.

Lol, I’ve been here years and I am too.

Hi CandyCane, Welcome to ADI. Feel free go on Mumble and any member will be glad to help you in Star Citizen. Since you are new to computer and all we do have a Tech Talk channel both on Discord and Mumble if you need help with technical challenges.

See you in the verse.

Greetings Cane, and welcome to Star Citizen and Atlas! That willingness to learn will get you far when it comes to pc’s and gaming both so feel free to ask around the forums, discord, or in mumble if you need a hand or have questions. We’re a pretty helpful group when it comes to tech too lol

Welcome to ADI candycane1911. I’m glad you joined the team. I used to own a 1911-A1. I look forward to running into you.

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