Introduction: Brahk

Hello All,

Just wanted to introduce myself. I got an email inviting me to join, and decided to submit an application. I’m looking forward to being part of an active community.

Out of the game I’m 31 and I do programming and web development professionally. In the game I go by Brahk (as Brack my usual name was taken).

What I’m looking for from an org is the ability to crew and captain mostly medium and large sized vessels. I’m thinking about buying one either in game or with actual cash. I really like the design of the Caterpillar, Merchantman, Carrack, Hull-C and others but it isn’t an easy decision. Any help is much appreciated.

Anyway looking forward to a good community and I’m happy to help with just about any task on any ship.

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Welcome to ADI Brahk. Glad to have you with us!

Welcome Brahk!

Did a good bit of web dev and design back in the day as well, fun stuff (even more so if you’re good, i really wasn’t :wink:).

I think the Carrack is a really cool ship, one I would upgrade to if I could from my Connie Aquila. Not too much into the hauling business myself, so no go on Cat, Merch, and Hull

Hello Brahk,

Welcome. I’m glad you’re joining ADI. If I were you I would read through the various ships on the RSI website and then the divisions on ADIs website. That might help you narrow down what ship you want. I think the Merchantman is an interesting choice since it has some defenses and can carry much like a hauler. The carrack is good on the exploration side of things. I suppose it depends on what you want to emphasize more–exploration or transportation. Of course there are many other great ships as well. Best wishes to you and hopefully we’ll see each other around.

Hey Brahk!

I am glad you made the plunge and decided to join up, I am sure you are going to love it here!

Awesome career by the way. I am hoping to transition into a IT field soon, just not sure exactly what. Right now I design and sell failover solutions for enterprise business. It’s fun I guess but I would really like to get into some type of engineering field…Anyways that’s neither here nor there. Glad to have you joining ADI, hopefully we will be able to play some 3.0 sooner rather than later. :smiley:

Hi Brahk - Great to have you in ADI. The org has lots of tech folks, you’ll fit in great here. I’m in the what ship to buy conundrum myself these days. I definitely want something bigger/meaner than what I’ve got but I’m completely lost as to what lol. Welcome to the club!

Welcome Brahk,

Sorry your name was taken :confused: - but were glad to have you on the team. I too am into the medium/larger sized ships, so you’re among like minded people. The kind of ship you’re looking to aquire really depends on what you would like to do in the game for most of you time (you’ll always end up doing a few odd jobs here and there). I have access to some of the larger stuff so let me know if you ever want to try it out.

See you in the verse!


Welcome to ADI Brahk!

Welcome to ADI!

I tried starting computer programming in college but started in a way to advanced class lol.