Introduction Bearrington

Hello everyone it’s a pleasure to join your community. I’ve been playing Star Citizen since Nov 2019 with approximately 250 hours of playtime in total. I’m really excited to join an organization that’s as active as this one and I can’t wait to get involved. I met a member the other day who told me about the guild and it sounded like the place for me. I’m not heavily invested in the game as I currently own only a Talon, having melted my ingame money around to try new ships, but I’m incredibly passionate about working with everyone to learn more and be a cog in the machine.

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Greetings Bearrington! Welcome to ADI! Good to have you onboard. What have you been up to in the verse these days, trading, mining, combat missions?

Welcome, Bearrington!

I recommend trying out the org ops and self certifications! It should give you a lot of opportunities to meet members and try out different gameplay styles. If there are any specific ships you want to try out, you might be able to find a member who can let you borrow one!

Welcome to ADI Bearrington. i’m glad you joined the team. I hope to see you sign up for ADI’s mining exercises soon. They’re a great way to learn the nuances of mining in SC. You don’t even need a Prospector or a ROC, just sign up and let the MC work out the logistics. See your around. M

Hi Bearrington,
Welcome to ADI. Great idea to melt your money around inorder to try ships.
See you in mumble!

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