Introduction: AutomaticFantastic

Hi there,

I’ve been with Star Citizen from the very start and been playing solo most of the time. Now I’d like to join a private military org and someone ingame recommended you guys to me. I like to think I’m mature enough. I play with a semi-serious arma3 unit as well so I’ve got that sort of background.
I’m from the NL and I hope to have alot of fun with you guys

Hello AutomaticFantastic, I think you’ll love it here, very organised group of people, with a great knowledge base. Looking forward to flying with you in game.

Welcome, AutomaticFantastic. You’ve definitely come to the right org. I think you’ll fit right in. Anything in particular you enjoy doing in-game?

Welcome to ADI AutomaticFantastic. I’m glad you joined the team. I look forward to your participation in ADI’s mass org ops.

Hey there Automatic, Welcome to ADI. As Izo said we are a very organized group and I think you will absolutely love it. Would love to see you in an Op or training in the near future they are a lot of fun!

Hi @AutomaticFantastic, Welcome to ADI.

Welcome to ADI! We should be able to scratch that military mindset for you :slight_smile: it helps that we have lots of active and veteran military in our ranks and that structure is something we all enjoy. And now with a group, you will see a whole new side to this game. See you in the verse!

Welcome to ADI!

Arma is great, I still play it from time to time. A lot of those skills I learned there carry over to being a marine in this org - have you checked any of that out?


Greetings AutomaticFantastic! Welcome to the Team. I think you will appreciate the organization, training and support ADI offers. I look forward to running with you in the 'Verse!

Hi Automaticfantastic, you have definitely come to the right org we are always looking to the future of the game. We also do what we can with the current state of the game to get as many people together to have fun as possible. We are always around to help or answer questions so feel free to talk to any of us.

Welcome to ADI, Automatic, if you have any questions or need any help please don’t hesitate to ask, we’re always glad to help. Looking forward to flying with you in The Verse!

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