Introduction - Arywonfu

Good evening, morning, or afternoon! Where ever you are from, it’s a pleasure to be here and look forward to meeting you all!

My name is Aryen Anderson or otherwise known as “Arywonfu” I am very heavily into streaming and enjoy it a ton! I like to think that I have a decent bit of knowledge when it comes to the verse, however I do struggle at times but nonetheless I always find a around the problem I am facing. Whether it be a nice juice quantanium filled rock that I absolutely cannot crack, or just doing a bounty hunting contract and gettting absolutely railed by the npcs. Either way, I still always try to look at the positive side of things and sometimes it works in my favor and others… well, ask the mountain I crashed into with my ship filled with quant being chased by pirates… yeah that sucked.

I truly do look forward to growing and developing with each and every single one of you… as for speciality’s… I really don’t specialize in anything specific I’ve been doing just a bit of about everything. But if I to select a primary, it would definitely have to be bounty hunting or some kind of combat situation.

Thank you for your time and again, look forward to meeting you all!

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Welcome to ADI. See you in Mumble

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Welcome to the org, Arywonfu! Hope you enjoy your time here, sounds like you’re into streaming, there’s a few other streamers in ADI that you might enjoy the content of, I look forward to see what you can do.

See you around.