Introduction- Aryndol



My name is Aryndol. Joining an organizations wasn’t originally on my radar, but I received an invite to check out ADI, and liked what I saw.

I bought a starter pack in summer of 2017, but really only started playing more recently.

I’m 38 and have 4 kids, so I can’t always be online, but gaming is my primary hobby, and Star Citizen looks like it includes aspects from every genre I love, so I expect to play quite a bit.

I’ve been playing MMORPGs since 2000, with Everquest, and have been searching for something that really keeps me interested since then- I’ve sampled just about every one that mattered over the past 18 years. I’ve spent the better part of the past 3 years playing Battlefield games on PS4, so my experience in FPS has really grown a lot. I like flight sims, but haven’t played many recently, aside from some Elite Dangerous. My favorite was Tie Fighter, but that is ancient history!

I like the idea of helping people in-game, rescues, etc. and I also like the idea of “putting the bad guys away,” so bounty hunting is something I’m interested in.

I always try to be friendly to everyone, and I am willing to help out wherever needed. I like being social, although I can be a bit shy, and I’m excited to find a group of cool people to play Star Citizen with. Looking forward to being a part of something fun!


Hello again and welcome!

See you in the 'verse!


Hello Aryndol, Welcome to the ADI family! You will find that you have a lot in common with a lot of members, both family, history, and gaming. I look forward to seeing you in game and if you have any questions, I will help you or I will find someone that can! Again, Welcome!


Welcome to the crew Aryndol! Tie Fighter is a classic now but still remembered by many. Glad to see another law abiding citizen join up and hope to fly with you soon.


Hi Aryndol,

It was great talking with you during your OB, Hope to see you in the verse soon


Hey Aryndol welcome to ADI and Star Citizen it sounds like! Sounds like you’ve quite the portfolio of games and the FPS and Flight sims will definitely help prepare you for the universe of Star Citizen. As for TIE Fighter it may be old but its still Gold! We’ve quite afew people here myself included who remember it fondly with the sound of Twin Ion Engines roaring to laser fire and missile tones ;D

As for helping people and rescue you’ve several ships coming out that’ll help you do that as well as Bounty Hunting once that mechanic comes online within the Universe. Any questions or help when needed just yell in Discord/Mumble or post in forums.


welcome Aryndol I am an MMO vetran my self glad to have another MMO player in the verse. We are always trying to help out where ever we can trying to make the verse a fun place for everyone. Hope to see you in the verse :slight_smile:


Welcome to ADI, Aryndol! I loved the old star wars sims as well. X-wing vs. Tie Fighter was my fav by far. Can’t wait to see you in the "Verse!


Welcome Aryndol, to ADI! Don’t worry too much our rules are not just there for show especially number three! See you around.


Welcome to ADI Aryndol. Your family just got a whole lot bigger. :smile:

And it’s always nice to have another old-school MMO player onboard. I started with Asheron’s Call at the end of '99. (though I did play non-graphical MUDs before that)

See you in the 'Verse!


Welcome to ADI. Aryndol you are officially covered in the verse.


Hello Aryndol glad to have you with ADI =D, cant wait till i see you in the verse


Welcome to ADI Aryndol :slight_smile:

Nice to have you with us.

See you in the Vers!


Well met fellow bounty hunter! Look forward to working with ya :smiley: Some classic games under your belt, I still have copies of them. Necrodome, Tachyon:The Fringe, and Delta Force also come to mind.

Like you I was not really expecting to join a group but that email I got from ADI put the right vibes out. I think we’ve got a real good thing going here. See you in 'verse brother!


Hey, Aryndol! Welcome to ADI. I can only imagine how busy those 4 kids keep you. Know that when you are able to step away from real life, we will be around to help you make the most of Star Citizen. This is my first real flight sim, too. I have to say that I am enjoying the diversity of mechanics and content that it brings. Looking forward to seeing you online when you can break away.


Thanks, everyone, for the warm welcome. I take a little while to warm up sometimes- I’m a little shy, so if you see me in Mumble not saying anything, I’m just soaking up the “social vibes”. I’m very much a newb still, so I don’t know how much of an asset I am yet for anything of importance (still not certified in anything). I’m working on some light bounty hunting, deliveries, and trying not to fly head-on into too many asteroids or NPCs. :grin:


Great to see you here Aryndol, glad to have you aboard here at ADI! Hope to see you soon in the 'verse!


Greetings Aryndol,

I’m glad you picked ADI. I know that 4 kids and a job can take up most of your time. If you need a hand with anything let me know. See you in the verse.

I’m also 38, have 1 kid (he’s 3), and a full time job.