Introduction - Anabolic

Good Morning ADI!
I am interested in joining your Organization and expanding my Star Citizen endeavors with you. I am currently interested in Mining / Transport, but I may have that changed in the future.

Thanks for reviewing me!

Welcome Anabolic! You must be excited about the upcoming updates this year if you are interested in mining. Have you purchased any mining ships? I am excited about all of the mechanics in game and mining is no exception. If you are ever looking for a wingman or some crew, let me know. ADI is a great place to be with a lot of really good people. There are usually lots of people available on mumble and discord. If you are ever interested in getting involved in any our shenanigans, just ask! I hope that you have a positive experience with us. I look forward to running into you online and playing together in the verse.

Welcome to ADI Anabolic. we have been very active testing and playing with the trade system as well as cargo running. and with the Prospector in game now we are one step closer to having mining in the game. It is an exciting time in Star Citizen. if you have any questions feel free to send me a message. I will see you around.

Welcome to Atlas Defense Industries Anabolic! glad to have you with us, feel free to look me up if you have any questions, or need help, see you in the Verse’

Hello Anabolic and welcome to ADI! Our mining and transportation divisions are definitely going to be busy and extremely important to us. I am sure you’ll enjoy being part of them! If you have any questions don’t hesitate to PM any of us, here or in Discord.

Oh nice a mining guy!

Welcome to the forums! I hope the find a good home here with us at ADI.

Feel free to connect with me and we can get some Verse time in.

Hi Anabolic,

Welcome to the org. See you soon on mumble!

Bye changenl

Welcome to ADI Anabolic. We are happy to have you here. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions. See you in the verse.

Hey Anabolic! Mining would be very interesting indeed! I’m curious to see how it will turn out when they release. Overall I am still undecided as to what path I want to take exactly but for right now I see nothing wrong with just being exploration! Hope you feel at home here! See you in the verse!