Introduction Aegid

Hello Aegid here.

I’m 40 Years old french, living around the globe. Looking for a new home in star citizen. I would like to focus on exploration/science and combat.

See you around.

Welcome to ADI Aegid :slight_smile:

Nice to have you with us and taslk to you in the onboarding.

See you in the Verse!

Well Aegid, I think you may have found one of if not the best home in Star Citizen here. Welcome to ADI

Welcome Aegid, glad you chose us. I look forward chatting about our world adventures soon. Been around the globe a few times myself.

thank you for the warm welcome.

Hello Aegid and welcome to ADI! We have a lot of things to do here, in ADI, that you will find helpful. Look into the Cert class and if you want combat, you will find it every night and on our Ops. Looking forward to see you in game!

Welcome aboard Aegid, wanderers always welcome. You have chosen a great place to call home in the ‘verse. Look forward to flying with you.

Welcome to the org Aegid. I am interested to see what they do for the exploration side of things once the support for it is implemented. What ships do you have for exploring the verse?

What a small world Aegid, Krahab joined us just yesterday he’s french Canadian. Welcome to ADI Aegid. We’ve got lots of people of all ages and backgounds in ADI, all playing the game to advance their skills and help their teammates whenever needed. You’ll see what I mean. So jump onto Mumble, monitor Discord and dive into the game. I look forward to running ops with you.

Welcome, Aegid! Glad to have you aboard. There’s gonna be lots of space to explore out there in the 'Verse!

Hi Aegid,

Good time to join, the game is really getting playable in various activities, and we’re hitting it. Join on in. We’re usually doing group activities or just doing missions/solo in the same server and chatting, sharing a lot of information. Welcome to ADI.

Greetings Aegid, welcome aboard here at ADI! You have certainly made a great choice in looking to make ADI your home, we have a great group here. Hope to see you soon here in the 'verse!

Bienvenue Aegid! ADI has been a home for me and it is a great place to play and have fun with other like minded members. Hope to see you around!

Salutations Aegid,

Welcome to ADI, we are glad to have you here. I also lean towards Exploration, Science, and Combat. I’m sure I’ll be seeing you around. See you in the verse.


Greetings Aegid and welcome to ADI. As you will find out, there is plenty of time in SC to do all of those fun things. Hope to see you in the verse.

Excellent another Exploration and Survey goer! Welcome to Atlas and to the E&S Divisions Aegid!

Hello I have a Reliant Sen.

Thank you all for this overwhelming welcome :slight_smile:

Welcome Aegid to ADi =D, i see you in the verse