Introduction: AdunShaw

Hello, I’m AdunShaw, an architecture student. The design language in this game is truly fascinating. Not very familiar with the system yet, but I’m really looking forward to participating more. Any help will be appreciated.

Welcome, great to have you!!

Welcome to the ADI team, Keep checking the forums and sign up for any training or Org Ops that interest you.

Welcome to ADI! As mentioned, sign up for ops when you can, and mumble is your friend for getting help. Whether it’s a tech question, or in game there is always someone willing to help out. See you in the verse!

Welcome @AdunShaw . You probably already know more about the design language than me. However we have some really solid tech people here. I am more of a people person than technically skilled but you are welcome to check out any of my ships. I have a Carrack, Terrapin, Superhornet, etc and I can spawn any of them for you to take for a spin. Don’t be a stranger. See ya around… -LS

Hi @AdunShaw,

Welcome to ADI,

I think it is really cool that you are an Architect and have that perspective with you in Star Citizen. For me, what really get’s me is the sense of scale. It is the first space sim that I have played that gives me a true sense of a 1:1 scale of the universe.

Other then that we are a big org with plenty of active players and you can find something going on most of the time. What do you like to do in Star Citizen?

Hi AdunShaw, welcome to ADI. There’s loads of people here that’ll be willing to help out when you need it.

Warm welcome @AdunShaw!

I totally agree with you that the architecture is interesting (my favorite place is currently new babbage in microtech). On the topic of arhitects have you seen Morphologies youtube videos? He is an architect and reviews star citizen ships from that perspective.

Feel free to ask me questions and such, I’m looking forward to getting to know you 'verseside.

Hi AdunShaw
Welcome to ADI. lots of friendly helpful people here more than happy to help
Looking forward to meeting you and chatting on mumble :smile:

Welcome to ADI, AdunShaw, if you have any questions or need any help please don’t hesitate to ask, we’re always glad to help. Looking forward to flying with you in The Verse!

Welcome @AdunShaw to ADI. When i first came here i felt lost but i met this group of fantastic people who are always available to help (rare thing these days). Whenever you need, do not hesitate to contact the staff and don’t forget to check the available channels for news, training programs and operations. I will see you out there, in space.

You found a great org to learn all things Star Citizen. great to have you with us!

Hi AdunShaw,

Welcome to the org!

If you have questions, just hop on Mumble and I or any of the other members will be happy to help you out.

Welcome to ADI AdunShaw. I’m glad you joined the team. I look forward to running into you.

Welcome to ADI, the game is full of … interesting architecture. Enjoy!

Welcome, AdunShaw!

ADI is a great community where you are sure to find activities to participate in. If you need anything then feel free to message me and I will help if I can!

Hello there fellow org mate, and welcome

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