New citizen to the stars. My application should be ready. If I’m not posting this in the right place just give me the “five finger point” and some harsh words. I’m still testing the waters , but find the most joy in the fight. I know the value of mining and shipping… but the value of the sweet sound of ship explosions make up for the creds. I also love to get my hands dirty on foot too. Ready to learn the finer things from more experienced pilots. Come hop in the Hurricane and explain the verse to me while we earn some pocket change and reputation. See you guys on the battlefield!


Sounds like you are handy in and out of a fight! Welcome to ADI!!! Thanks for hanging out in our Lobby until we could greet you and everything! I hope to see you in the Verse!

Hi AdeptusMortem, welcome to ADI!

I agree, those ship explosions are quite satisfying. I look forward to flying with you.

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Welcome to Star Citizen and ADI! You sound like you’ll fit right in. A great way to meet likeminded folks is to join the various Org Ops and trainings (on the Calendar). I’d be honored to exchange notes and gunner your Hurricane sometime. Hope to see you around the 'verse!

Welcome to ADI and Star Citizen!

I have been dipping my toe in lately in the FPS realm as well, been fun.

See you in the verse.

Welcome to ADI AdeptusMortem! Your name reminds me of Warhammer 40K, are you a fan? How do you like the Hurricane?
I hope to see around in mumble and in ops!

Welcome to the Org! There’s alot to learn about the verse so strap yourself in!

yeah, that’s the reference. I haven’t really put a lot of time in the Hurricane yet. As a Noob I didn’t realize that the turret HAD to have it’s own gunner. Learn the hard way sometimes.

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I did have a lot of fun last night. Was exactly what you would want from having a large group. I’m late to the game so it was nice to see all of your shiny big ships and crewing them to max. It might just be the new player addiction, but this is kinda sweet

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Welcome to ADI AdeptusMortem.

Thanks! Appreciate the warm welcome from everyone

Welcome aboard. See you in mumble

Welcome to ADI!

Welcome AdeptusMortem! Definitely check out some upcoming FoF (Fundamentals of Flight) then FoC (Fundamentals of Combat) operations coming up on the ADI Calendar. They are tons of fun and a great way to meet some new org members and learn! Looks forward to seeing you in the verse!

Welcome to ADI, AdeptusMortem! Ship explosions are an addiction! I look forward to seeing you in the 'Verse!

Welcome to ADI AdeptusMortem,
We should run some bounties sometime! I too love the sweet sounds of success.

I’ve been playing with more and more ppl from the Mumble. I’ll keep an eye out for you. Hunting in a group does add a bit more fun to the adventure.