Hello my name is Mike /Duecalion I’ve always been fascinated space i enjoy mining and bounty hunting and the occasional cargo hauling and star citizen is by far the best game ive played


Good to see you my friend!

Welcome to ADI, Duecalion! SC is the game I’ve always wanted someone to make. I look forward to joining you on ops in the future!

Welcome Deuc! If you ever want to crew a mole or team up for some bounties let me know. See ya in the verse.

Welcome to ADI. Which ship are you enjoying?

Welcome to ADI Duecalion. I’m glad you joined the team. I look forward to seeing you out for Mining & Salvage’s weekly mining ops.

Hallo Duecalion and welcome to the best Org around the space lanes of Stanton. Plenty of cargo needs hauling around the Universe when it goes live and a plethora of ships that can make it happen! What ship(s) were you leaning towards?

Right now I’m using the gladius but looking at getting the vanguard warden for the higher bounty runs and eventually going to get the Perseus

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That Gladius is supposed to be really good atm. That and / or the arrow in the right hands are quite deadly

Hello Duecalion and welcome to ADI! I’ve been looking at the Gladius for a while now but got the Warden recently. Feel free to hit me up and we will take it for a spin.

I must need more practice flying the gladius than lol I can complete MRTs in it at all I can take out one ship but than after that I get dogged on

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I flew the sentinel for a little bit and enjoyed it just was thinking of going for the warden cause it seemed tankier and looked like it had more missiles

Well I plan to do a little bit of everything I want the c2 for hauling and the Perseus,warden and gladius, eclipse for bounty’s and fleet protection… I currently own the Argo raft and prospector via pledge store and in game I bought the gladius and eclipse

I don’t know about the missiles but change out ballistic weapons with energy weapons. It can take a beating and dish it out then.

Welcome to Star Citizen and ADI! Hope to see you around the 'verse!

Yep I have all 3 guns setup as the panther repeaters

Same…I work weekends so I’ll mostly be on Monday morning-Thursday morning depending on irl stuff

It might have been painful for you to admit that to yourself while writing it but know that you’re not alone. I took comfort from reading it XD

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