Introducing Tiriqo

Greetings. My name is Tareq, but I like to go with the nickname Tiriqo. Recently joined star citizen and have been looking for an organizaiton to join. The structure of ADI is very intriguing. Looking to enjoy playing it whenever I’m. I work as physician so will try my best to be here and active.
Im glad to be a part of this organization and hope to contribute!
Thank you

Update: 20/9: name changed to tictac97


Welcome to ADI Tiriqo, Hope you enjoy your time with the Org, Look forward to seeing you in the Verse.

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Hope to see you join C&T for some trading in the future!

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Hi Tiriqo! Welcome to ADI. Looking forward to seeing you on Mumble, and playing some ops in the verse.

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Welcome to the team, Tiriqo! We are glad to have you aboard! I am Saphnon, a Team Leader currently with the C&T division. Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions or concerns. I look forward to seeing you in the verse!


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Welcome Tiriqo! Welcome to ADI! Good to have another medical professional, I’m a nurse :smile: What do you like to do in SC the most so far?
Hope to see you around in the verse soon :grinning:

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hi, its nice to meet you.
I like going into QT. cant get enough of it

Thank you!
Ilooking forward to meeting you in the verse too

Welcome to the Org! Hope to catch you online soon!

Welcome Tiriqo to ADI. Looking forward to seeing you in mumble and the verse.

Glad to have you. Can always use another medic on the battlefield. :wink: Hope to see you online soon. Cheers!

Hello and welcome to ADI

Welcome to ADI! Looking forward to seeing you in some Ops.

Hi Tiriqo

Welcome to the org. Jump onto Mumble or Discord and you’ll find someone to play with. If you have any question about SC just ask and our members are always eager to answer and help.

See you in the verse.

hey so at the time of the post i was only a 3 days into the game and decided to reply to you once i got to know the game a bit more.
so far I love to chill and deliver cargo. but when i feel like it I like to take on bounties as a combat pilot.

That’s awesome! No judgement, the jump to quantum is pretty cool. I’m glad you’re finding your favorite gameplay loops! Cargo running and bounties are hella fun