Introducing PrestonButtars

My name is Preston. PrestonButtars is RSI handle. Looking forward to mining and Salvage ops

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Welcome Aboard!

You will find many many org members that are all about the mining and salvage game play.

Looking forward to seeing you in mumble :slight_smile:

Welcome to the team, Preston! Hope to see you out in the Verse!

Welcome to ADI @PrestonButtars! Hopefully we’ll get into some mining some time! Hope to see you in Mumble soon!

@PrestonButtars welcome to ADI

Hi Preston! and welcome onboard the ADI warship o7

Cheers Preston and welcome to ADI. I look forward to your joining our salvage events and org ops.

Welcome to ADI Preston! May your holds be filled through endeavors with new friends :slight_smile:

Welcome to ADI @PrestonButtars, had fun playing with you last night and hope to see you around again soon! :star_struck:


I do love salvage ops and there is almost always a crew to join up and work together. You really picked a great org for that kind of gameplay and we look forward to playing together. See you in the verse.

Welcome to ADI @PrestonButtars
Great to see another industrialist in the Org.
If you need anything let me know and see you in the verse!

Hey Preston, welcome into ADI! I look forward to seeing you in the verses for sure!

Welcome to ADI, Look forward to seeing you in the verse and running some salvage with you!

Welcome to ADI PrestonButtars!

Welcome to ADI @PrestonButtars, hope you to see you in the verse. Don’t hasitate to reach out if you need something.

Glad to have you with us. Salvage is a great time in groups, and that is easy to do here. Hope to run a group with you sometime.

Welcome to ADI, I look forward to salvaging with you in the verse!

Welcome Aboard dude, hope to see you in the verse

Hello Preston

Looking forward to playing with you again. Hope ADI is good fit for you long term.

Welcome to ADI O7
Hope to see you out there.