Introducing…. pokebrit

Hi there, pokebrit here! Lover of all things (poké) sushi and Pokémon. If we are ever on mumble together, feel free to shorten my name to the first or last four letters, whichever is easiest for you. I have a relatively new and shiny Titan from Invictus week. I usually play SC in the evenings after work and on weekends if I’m not traveling. I’m working towards a prospector, but I do enjoy variety in my game play. This is the first shooter game I’ve ever played that doesn’t get me stressed and anxious about being shot at and I think a huge part of that is because I met a few ADI members who took me out to my first bunker, cave, and [insert any other major part of gameplay here]. I also got to man a turret in their hammerhead! They had my back when I got my first crime stat (who knew scans were a thing and not being stationary for them was a criminal offense) and they have great things to say about ADI. So here I am, looking forward to experiencing why ADI is the best with the hope of paying forward the help I received to future new players. I’m hooked on this game and looking forward to being a part of an active org. I hope to meet you virtually in the ‘verse soon!


Welcome pokebrit, to ADI!

Hey Pokebrit how are you? Are you british by any chance?
See ya around!

Hi GhillieInTheMist! No, I’m not British unfortunately.

Welcome to ADI Poke. Great into. How did you stumble across some of members in the verse?

Great post! Welcome in. Hope to see you in Mumble soon. I’m there most nights after work myself. The Titan is a great ship. What division are you interested in joining?

Actually, I met one of them on twitch. We were both watching a popular streamer and they made a comment about how people keep asking them for money instead of to be shown around in game. I messaged them saying that I’d love to be shown around and the rest is history!

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Thank you!

Thank you! I’ll be on Mumble this weekend. I’m in the mining one now, but not really sure which division I’d like best since I like variety in my gameplay. I wish there was some kind of trial period where you got to try every division before you picked the one you wanted to join. Which division are you in? Do some divisions have more events than others?

Welcome to ADI pokebrit.

Welcome to ADI! Look forward to hanging out with you in the 'verse!

Thank you! Happy to be here

Thank you <3 can’t wait!! I get the impression we have different play schedules but hopefully one day we can find a mutual time!

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Welcome pokebrit, sounds like you’re already off to a great start making friends in the verse, I’m glad you great experience with ADI folks and it led you join up.

I will be honest. As a member of fleet security, I haven’t really paid much attention to operations/events run by other divisions. The ones I have been attending from outside fleetsec have mostly been the derelict/wreck tours that E&S runs. Those are always a great time. I’m on a leave of absence at the moment, but I hope to catch you online when I return!