Introducing Mithras_One

Howdy I am Mithras_One. I have been gaming along time starting with an Apple. The first MMO I played was UO back before the newbie lands were created. I have tried or played most of the MMO’s since then, Mainly finding homes in EQ, DAOC, SWG, LOTRO, EVE, “others” as well as CoD for FPS games.

I’ve been playing Star Citizen since July and have learned things from both hard knocks and watching twitch streamers. I have spent my time trying to find a place to belong and this seemed the best fit. Interests are (subject to change as play and the game implements new gameplay and mechanics). Advanced / exploration scouting, data running, with sides in mining/salvage/survival and FPS. I look forward to playing with new friends with like interests as I am willing to learn and build a fun community.



Hi Mithras, welcome to ADI! I hope you settle in here there’s a great community and everyone is welcoming.
There’s a lot going on behind the scenes so look around the forums, jump in with the discord chat, complete the self-certs and from there you can get involved as much as you like.

Which ship are you enjoying and are you using a HOTAS?

Welcome to ADI Mithras One, hope you enjoy your time in ADI, Look forward to catching you in the verse.

Heya FatheadedZebra… I am using dual 16k thrustmasters atm… looking to most likely get into the vkb evo’s sometime maybe towards the new year.

Ships… I really enjoy a couple … the Banu Defender, the MSR and the Terrapin the most of what I own in the garage :slight_smile:

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Welcome, Mithras! We are glad to have you! I’m Saphnon, and i look forward to playing alongside you in the verse! I’m interested in exploring as well. Can’t wait till they start adding more life forms/bioms to discover and explore. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out. See you in the verse!


I’ve read good things about those VKB evo’s and use dual stick too. Throttle management in FoF can be challenging and there’s not yet a great way to go heads down but I’ve been thinking about pedals as throttle for a while… I’m just not yet sure about the Virpil set as it doesn’t have a dampener, I’d like it to be able to hold position confidently.

That crab thing is strange and I can’t quite get my head around the layout and I love the interior. I’m looking forward to seeing how gameplay develops for the two positions within. I like the idea of the terrapin too but have only been in one once while doing bunkers with some ADI.

If you like fighter combat then check out the self cert, FoF and FoC1 exam.

See you in Mumble and let me know if you need anything.

Welcome to ADI Mithras. Was a pleasure to onboard you. Any help or questions you have please just ask.

Mithras_One welcome to the org. I have dual VKB’s but I started with Xbox Elite 2 controller. Using controllers is underrated, but to be fair I didn’t use the default SC schema. I used a custom config that required a Jmapper (reWASD).

ADI is very well organized and friendly place to find groups to play in SC with. Jump on Mumble and you will usually find some to play with. If you have “noob” questions, no problem, there is always someone eager to show you the ropes.

See you in the verse.

Hi Mithras_One! Welcome :slight_smile:

I started back in the day with Eve Online and eventually some FPS like CoD as well. You’ve come to the right organization for your interests! A bunch of us are quite active and enjoy bringing new members into the fold. Everyone here is quite friendly and welcoming. We have some of the best pilots and marines in SC due to their IRL experience and knowledge. If you’re interested in improving your skills, then you’ve come to the right place. The training opportunities are fantastic and makes working as a team that much better.

Some of us try to be funny, so please laugh at my jokes or I’ll have to repeat myself…lol

I’m using virpil HOTAS and HOSAS - because I’m fickle and like options… and because I pilot things. I’ve used VKB, they are great!

Feel free to msg me if you have any questions :slight_smile:

See you in the verse