Intro y’all

Howdy, my name is XennMaster, been playing for about a year and I’m involved with multiple “groups” in star citizen, not orgs lol. Anyways figured I’d join and see how it goes. I’m not the best pilot but I’m a good medic, good with pvp and fps gameplay and cargo hauling and refueling. My rsi handle is XennMaster and my discord is XennMaster#9353
Hope to be playing with you guys soon!


Welcome aboard!

Hey again, Xenn.

Just wanted to give you a heads up before you take steps to fully commit.

When you eventually onboard -per the instructions on our site- you’ll notice that ADI is an “exclusive” org.
We established things that way so that when you’re running ops someday your teammates don’t have conflicts of interest.
(EG: you find a unique star citizen item on an alien moon then your teammate texts his alt org pal that you have it and then you get pirated.)
Long story short- exclusivity protects YOU and assures better team morale.

If you’re okay with that and want to commit here, then we’ll need you to quit that org you’re in and keep ADI as your main org.
(100% casual orgs like Banu Merchantman owners are okay though.)

Think on it and let us know what you choose.
Cool ?

Welcome to ADI the exclusivity part of the org will be explained during the On Boarding if you have any questions let us know

Welcome to ADI. It’s good to move around to find what’s right for you. I moved around before ending up here a number of years ago and I love it. Hopefully you’ve found the right place. See you in Mumble