Intro: Xerxie

Joining to have some people to play star citizen with in 3.0 and beyond. Looking forward to some fun times.


Hey Xerxie!

Welcome! Glad to have you here and looking forward to getting in system with you in 3.0 :slight_smile: See you in Mumble and Discord!

Outstanding!!! Glad to have you on board!! Welcome to the crew!

Welcome. Cant wait to fly with you

Hi Xerxie,

Awesome, I hope to see you around in 3.0. It’s always fun to fly together as a group. Can’t wait. All the best!

Hello Xerxie,

welcome to the Org, hopefully, 3.0 gets our now quicker, as the open blockers are decreasing fast at the moment

i’m sure you find a lot of nice folks here in ADI to fly with you through the verse



Welcome Xerxie! We’re excited to have you here and grateful to have another member of the team!

Nice to meet you Xerxie! Please tell us about your name. Where does it come from? Sure sounds cool if I’m saying it right.


Welcome to the family Xerxie!

Ahhhhh, good times… gooooood times. I suspect we’ll hear that a lot. Great to have you.