Intro - Tank_1

Hey all,
My name is Tank. I live in Nashville in the central time zone and I’m happy to be aboard.


Welcome to ADI Tank_1 glad to apart of your onboarding today really nice to talk you see you in the verse!


Hey there Tank, tanks for joining ADI. Welcome to the org, hope to see you in the verse. Sorry, I know lame, but I had to do it first…

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Welcome to ADI tank, I hope we get to run some ops with you soon!

Welcome to ADI Tank, what have you been flying?

Hey, Tank! Welcome to ADI. Many of us are in central time so you should have plenty of people to enjoy the game with. See you around.

Hi Tank! Welcome aboard to ADI. Hope to fly with you soon in the 'verse! o7

I’ve been flying the Gladius, Avenger Titan, i300, and Freelancer Max.

Thanks for the welcome posts!

Good to have you with us Tank_1.
I’m in cental time zone as well, OK.
Hope to see you in the Ops or around the verse, cheers!

A pretty good array of ships right there.

Welcome Tank, best take those ships out to do some OPS with us :wink:

See you in the verse!

Welcome, look forward to flying with you.

Welcome to ADI Tank. You’re going to love it here; lots to do and lots to do it with. ADI is a great org to develop your skills in. There’s a really mentoring spirit here. I look forward to running ops with you.

Welcome aboard to ADI Tank! Sounds like you have a nice little fleet in the process! See you soon in the Verse!

Welcome Tank! Glad to have you with us here at ADI, you picked the right org to call home with active and experienced members to enjoy the Verse. Hope to fly with you soon!

Welcome to the Org Tank. Gotta ask: Did you grab a Nova to match the name? ;D

Welcome to ADI Tank! Look forward to flying with you.

Not yet, maybe when it’s release I will pick one up.

Welcome to ADI, Tank. Hope to see you around.