Intro: SudoNix

Hello all,

My name is SudoNix (superuser do (Unix command). I work in IT, hence the name. I am a 10yr veteran of the armed forces in both the USMC and US Army. I mostly play ArmA 3 and have been playing since the flashpoint days in 2001. I joined RSI site in 2012 as an early backer, knowing that in the future it will get to a point worth playing. That point has come. I mostly play MilSim games such as ArmA, Argo, Insurgency, and now Star Citizen.

Hello SudoNix,

Thank you for your service. We have some guys who play ARMA 3 around here–I play it from time-to-time too. That’s great you’re an early backer. Glad to have you with us. Check out the calendar of events and stop by mumble sometime, I’m sure you’ll meet some awesome people. I look forward to getting to know you as well in the future. All the best

Hi SudoNix,

Welcome to ADI, we have a lot of former military members and some IT guys as well

Looking forward to fly with you in the verse



Hey, I enjoyed onboarding you SudoNix.

I think you will enjoy yourself here with us. I know we are happy to have you.

Cheers o7

SudoNix I can tell from your intro you’re going to be right at home here. Lots of current/former Arma players here. Welcome to the org hope to catch you in mumble.

Welcome man!

Glad we were able to connect a bit in Mumble :slight_smile: Happy to have you on board.

Hey Welcome SudoNix,

Very cool name! Did you get into IT in the military or after? I’m current Air National Guard and my command wants me to take on more of the client support roles in the unit since we are not co-located with our comm unit, but the reqs are network+ or higher and they will only pay for the test for security+. I consider myself a power user but still just a user. It would be foolish to jump straight into a security+ exam right?

Glad to have you aboard, hopefully we get to chat soon. Laters.


SudoNix - Looks like you are right at home here as most of us are ex-military.

Welcome to the squad SudoNix,

Glad to have you and your milsim background on our side. When the shit hits the fan we’ll need people like you in our ranks. Can’t wait to see you in the verse!


Welcome to ADI and thank you for your service!

I think youll find yourself quite at home with plenty of current and separated military here.