Intro - Splashscreen

Howzit everyone

34 year old gamer from South Africa. Recently immigrated to the UK.
Currently flying a Cutlass and a Prospector. Might get another ship don’t know what yet, maybe a Freelancer or Hornet. Who knows.

Looking forward to owning the verse with you all :slight_smile:

Welcome Splashscreen. I hope your move went okay and a freelancer is a great ship to own but the cutlass and prospector are both awesome. see you in the verse.

Welcome to the org, Splashscreen! Glad to see another cuttie pilot on board, it’s a fantastic ship!

Welcome Splashscreen! Always glad to see another cutlass driver around. Are you thinking of focusing in mining?

Hey Splash welcome to Atlas Defense Industries! As for picking up a Freelancer? So what draws your interest in the wide spaces of Star Citizen? That might help influence your choice in ships going forward ;D

Welcome to ADI SplashScreen, as others have said you’ve got some great ships to make money in game. If you ever need some overwatxh just let us know.

Hello and welcome,

I would suggest going with a hornet. A cutlass already does similar job as a Freelancer and having a combat ship will mean your always in demand.

See you in the 'verse!

Mining is always fun and a good way to make credits hope to fly with you in the verse :slight_smile:

Hello Splashscreen,

welcome to ADI.
Seems you want to do some mining with your prospector. A nice feature in SC.
Feel free to ask us if you need help in SC/ADI or have any questions. We are reachable in the forums and discord / mumble.

See you soon around here and the verse

Welcome to ADI Splashscreen :slight_smile:

Awesome ships.

See you in the Verse!

Welcome to ADI Splashscreen. That’s a good couple of ships, which should bring in decent credits. See you in the 'Verse!

Im down for what ever really. I would like to join Fleet security (if I’m good enough lol) or for some RnR, Mining. If anyone needs an extra hand in a crew I can prolly fill a spot as a substitute or a pair of boots on the ground, Im down for that too.

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Hello Splashscreen glad to have you with us =D i see you in the verse

Splashscreen, welcome to ADI. I think a Cutlass is an awesome starter ship. if you wan’t to try out a hornet or any of the ships that I have hit me up. I have the regular Hornet, the Ghost, and the Super Hornet. Just say hi in mumble sometime.

Welcome to ADI Splashscreen I look forward to flying with you

Welcome Splashscreen!

Welcome Splash!!!

Welcome Splash. You picked a couple of solid first ships there and the best Org in the game!

Hello Splashscreen… Cool name… Anyway, welcome here at Atlas Defense Industries. I hope to see you in the verse one day.