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Heyas, received an invite via the RSI website / system and, after looking over your info, I think i’d be interested. It’s been forever since I played anything in a large group, but i’ve done a number of the old-school “back in the day” games and activities, and am curious to see what your plans are. I’d likely be interested in the Exploration division… once all this mysterious gear in my DUR does something besides eat up my cargo hold…

Instructions mention to ping someone in Mumble for onboarding, if no one notices you pop in, by “right-clicking their name and choosing Send Message.” That option is greyed out for me; i suspect perms were changed at some point.

Hung out for about 15 minutes but don’t seem to be able to ping or message anyone tagged; i’ll try again later, or feel free to reach out.


Hey man, I missed you by about a minute. Glad to hear you want to join us though, Playing with a group definitely changes the dynamic of the game quite a bit. hopefully I’ll catch you next time you are in Mumble.

Hi spacefiddle, sorry to hear about that, glad you’re going to join ADI. Our multi-crew operations are a lot of fun, and we’re always looking for new members of all skill levels to join us on our adventures. Let us know if you have any questions or if there’s anything we can do to help you get started!

Welcome to ADI @spacefiddle

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spacefiddle is the shiii’n this motha f’n toon ass\

Welcome welcome!

Nice revival… :wink:

Welcome to ADI Fiddle!

Welcome to ADI