Intro - SolidStrike

Good Evening All,

I’m currently in the market for a fun yet organised group of Star Citizen players and came across you. Having played a lot of team based games from Planetside 2 to nearly all the Arma’s where team maters but personal life also is important, when i came across your home page it looked like we would be a good match.

I’m based in Amsterdam the Netherlands but originally from the US. I just reinstalled SC yesterday and realized I have no idea what i’m doing so looking for a group to play with. Just attempted to set up my Trustmaster HOTAS and would say its working enough to play with but I want to explore the verse.

I would see myself more in Fleet security by m choice of ships, super hornet and Polaris however am open to other roles when needed. Hope to hear from you and have some fun!


Welcome aboard, great chatting with you during onboarding. Look forward to flying with you in the verse.

Welcome Solidstrike to ADI, cant wait till i see you in the verse

Welcome to ADI SolidStrike, glad you joined. Love seeing people who are so positive joining up ready to have some fun. Welcome and let us know if you need any help.

Welcome to ADI Solidstrike! It’s good to know there’s more people playing from the Netherlands :wink:
Fleet Sec is always looking for recruits btw! See you in the verse :smiley:

Welcome to ADI Solidstrike. Your HOTAS will definitely do you well in FS. I’ll soon be trying one out for my first time. It’ll be my first stick ever. Truthfully, I can hardly wait. I look forward to learning something from you.

Welcome Solidstrike! Glad to have you with us here at ADI, you picked the right org to call home with active and experienced members to enjoy the Verse. Hope to fly with you soon!

Welcome to ADI Solidstrike. Good to have you onboard.

Welcome Solidstrike to ADI with a Super Hornet and Polaris you are gonna fit into Fleet Security really well see you in the verse!


Welcome to ADI SolidStrike. Good to have you here. Lot’s of stuff to do in the 'verse, and ADI has tons of super-knowledgeable folks to help you out. Cheers! o7

Great having you join in the bunker party last night. I look forward to seeing you around the Verse!

Welcome aboard, ADI is a lot of fun, look forward to flying with you.

Glad you’re here Solidstrike!
This is a great org.
If you havent been on in a long while there have been so many changes.
See you around the verse!
Be sure to check out the Org Ops, you will learn tons.

Welcome aboard to ADI Solid. It sounds like you will make a good fit into FS? Although when you get a chance, upgrade to the Warthog HOTAS unless that is what you meant by Thrustmaster since they make a few products, Warthog being the best. If you have good controls, you can focus more on your skills than both your skills and equipment handicaps. The Super Hornet is a very cool ship! I can not say much about the Polaris yet other than it looks and sounds cool on paper. See you soon in the Verse and perhaps on Org Ops?

Edit: I see in your profile that you have the Warthog, so please disregard my statement and very nice! That is one of my next steps.

Evening/Morning Solid!

If you’re looking for organized and consistent competency then you’ve come to the right place. Glad to see another veteran of Planetside 2 and the Arma shooters. Welcome back to Star Citizen and as you’re just returning feel free to ask questions here on the forums, or in the discord, and mumble if you need backup out in the 'Verse as well! Look forward to flyin with you and have a good one.

Welcome to ADI Solid! You definately picked the right place to call home. Look forward to seeing you out there with us more!