Intro OXintheBOX

Hello, getting back into RSI, logged on and found out my ORG was deleted so i just been looking for a new home, found an old invite from ATLAS from 2019 thought id give it a try.

Welcome to ADI. Im sure that you wont be disapointed. The org has been rated as one of the largest Excusive orgs in the verse and recently one of the most active. With the eventual upgrade to 3 20.0 there will be activity across all divisions. Im sure you will find a place in our teams

Welcome to ADI, @OXintheBOX . Don’t hesitate to reach out if you need anything. Look forward to playing with you some time.

Welcome aboard, @OXintheBOX !

Just some day 1 advice:
Try to stay on Mumble & Discord often so you find your rhythm playing with us AND so you don’t miss out on activities!


Welcome and looking forward to seeing you in the verse!

Welcome to ADI. Glad that you are willing to give us a try. I have a feeling you will be glad you did. Great group of people here!

Welcome back to the world of Star Citizen, and we’re thrilled that you found us again! It’s unfortunate to hear about your previous organization, but we’re glad you rediscovered the invite from ATLAS

ADI will never die with the find leadership we have here. Welcome back to the verse