Intro: New to Star Citizen

Hello everyone,

I have been watching the game for a while, excited to join and looking to play with the community and advance into exploration. I am on EST/EDT feel free to contact at anytime.

Looking forward to playing with you out there

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Welcome in @DominusImpius; you sure picked a fun and chaotic time to join the 'verse! Hope you’re having fun flying all those big free-fly ships!

Hi DominusImpius, Glad to have you onboard. You picked a great group to join. I am EST also so if you need any assistance to hesitate to reach out.

Hello Dominus, welcome to ADI, Hope you enjoy your time with us and see you in the verse

Welcome @DominusImpius !

You join a great Org to learn in. Helpful people are always around so if you need any help just ask. Hope to fly with you in the 'verse.

Hey Welcome to ADI. I’m on EST as well, but we have folks from all around the world. Look forward to seeing you in game.

welcome @DominusImpius! you picked a great org to help you get started! if you’re interested in exploration ask around, several carracks in the org and it’s the absolute best exploration ship. It’ll blow your mind how cool it is! if you catch me online I have one as well, so I’ll see you in the verse!

Welcome to ADI DominusImpius. I’m glad you joined the team. I look forward to seeing you in game.

Welcome to ADI. I look forward to meeting you on Mumble. And if you have any questions feel free to ask on Discord or Mumble. We have many players that can help.

Hi DominusImpius
Welcome to ADI
Hop on mumble when you play always good people to play with there.
Looking forward to meeting you.

Hi DominusImpius, Hopefully I’ll run into you over the weekend. Not literally crash into you. I mean catch you on mumble. Welcome to ADI!

Welcome to ADI! As mentioned, there is always someone on mumble, so there is never a shortage of people to play with. When your able, check out the org ops that get posted here. They are fun, and a fantastic way to get to meet a whole bunch of us, and pick up some tips and tricks along the way. See you in the verse!

Welcome to ADI! My primary interest is also exploration, so I joined the Survey and Exploration division. In the current state of the game, there’s not a lot of surveying to be done, so most of my time in-game is spent doing other things. One of the things that I really like about ADI is that you are not limited to doing only the types of activities defined by your division, so there is plenty to have fun with in Star Citizen as it is. I hope to see you out there on the ‘final frontier’ sometime.

Hey welcome to ADI! Exploration sure does seem cool and once they add more it will be better. If you get a chance try your hand at mining as it can be lucrative. This org has taught me so much about this game since I joined. Dont be shy all are here and ready to help!

Welcome to ADI, DominusImpius, if you have any questions or need any help please don’t hesitate to ask, we’re always glad to help. Looking forward to flying with you in The Verse!

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