Intro - Lt_Bilko


Hey all! Backed SC in 2016 and played a bit with ADI then. Didn’t play for quite a while and recently got back into the verse. Was pleasantly surprised to still find myself in the org and it still active. Generally just go by Bilko. I’m 32 and have been an avid gamer forever. IRL I am a firefighter so I sometimes have an odd schedule.

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Heyo Bilko, welcome to the org man. Glad you decided to finish up your on-boarding. I look forward to flying with you in the verse.


Hey Bilko, welcome to ADI. ADI is a great org. Like you I joined in '16 but I started playing SC seriously only last December. Now that 3.5 has dropped and been deemed stable there’s going to be lots to keep you interested and in game. More players, certs and my fave; mass ops. I look forward to running ops with you.


Thanks! I saw the ops on the schedule as well now and am looking forward to joining in!


Hi Bilko, Welcome or welcome back to ADI. Hope to see you around in the verse.

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Welcome Bilko, look forward to flying with you.

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Welcome back Bilko, how have you been doing?

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Welcome back Bilko! Glad to have you with us again, hope to fly with you soon.

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Welcome back Bilko see you in the verse!


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Glad you decided to join us Bilko!
odd schedules are fine here, see you in the verse.

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Welcome back Bilko!!

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Welcome Back Bilko! I was just like you several months ago.

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Welcome back Bilko. IT’s becoming an exciting time to be apart of star citizen! Hope to see you out there!

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Welcome back to the verse, and welcome to ADI! Also, thank you for your public service.


Welcome to ADI Bilko! Good to have with us.


Welcome back to the space sim of sims Bilko and to Atlas.


welcome to ADI, glad to have you on the team