Intro Jones_M

Hello All! Been in SC since 2015 and Excited to be joining ya’ll here in the verse. I mostly do escorts and combat style missions, but I enjoy the multi-crew dynamic more than anything. Nothing beats that feeling when youve got a crew in sync.


Welcome to ADI Jones_M. I’m glad you joined the team. What division are you thinking of joining? Regardless of your choice, know that you’re always welcome to take part in ADI’s bi-weekly mining exercises.

Hi Jones, welcome to ADI.
What ship are you enjoying atm?

Welcome, Jones_M!

I think you will find a lot of opportunities for multi-crew and combat with us! There are always miners/traders in our org who would appreciate some escorting. You will be able to find some members to play with regularly on mumble, too!

Hey there Jones_M, good to have you onboard. I totally agree, teamwork makes the dream work!

Vangaurd Warden! but ive got a Perseus waiting for me whenever RSI gets around to it (so hammerhead in the meantime)

Well Of Course Im gonna stop by and Say HI…
Welcome aboard @Jones_M . I’m JonesE. hahaahhaa

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well this just got interesting! @JonesE always nice to meet someone with good taste in names.


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