Intro .. johnnythebigo

hello… real name is john from Detriot Michigan. married 2 young Boys. my age is 49… woodworker.finsher
for the fun stuff playing Star Citizen for over 1 yr know… i love this game. mostly in to mining an cargo hauling. My ship lineup is a.;. Star Runner… Prospector Carrack. an Roc… i hope to here back an be in the best Organization. in the Verus


Welcome to the best org in the verse

Welcome to ADI, Johnny! I’m into both mining and cargo myself with those same ships. I look forward to running with you in the 'Verse!

Welcome to ADI johnnythebigo. I’m glad you joined the team. I hope you joined Mining & Salvage.

Hey Johnny, Welcome to the org. If you ever need anything feel free to reach out to anyone on Mumble. Everyone here is always willing to group up and get a party going.

See you in the verse.

Hi Johnny, welcome to ADI.

Welcome to ADI @johnnythebigo! Any interest in the bigger miners?

welcome to ADI great ship choices!