Intro: HeliumFreak

Hey everyone, just joining the organization now. Im 34, i live in the UK and i play a lot of PubG

Hey Helium!

You’ll fit right in - hope to see you back around Mumble soon!

Welcome to the fold! I’m looking forward to flying with you.

Welcome HeliumFreak,

It’s great to have you with us here at ADI! You’ll find a lot of company playing pubg while we wait for SC. There’s a lot of people playing that game right now. Be sure to hop in a game with us sometime in mumble. Best wishes, see you around soon hopefully

Hello HeliumFreak and welcome to ADI! Be sure to jump on Mumble, more times than not I see folks playing PUBG there. I hope to see you in game!


Man everyone is playing PUBG… I still havent gotten it lol. Regardless, welcome to the org and look forward to flying with you soon.

Hi HeliumFreak,

welcome to ADI, as most people counting already the days to 3.0, you could jump in to play some rounds in PUBG with other ADI Org-Mates