Intro: GoldiLox

Hello everyone!

I’m GoldiLox in-game but you can call me Lox for short :slight_smile: or Ben IRL. I’m 32 years old and work in commercial real estate. I really enjoy playing sand box MMOs and mil-sim shooters. I came from Albion Online and Squad/ Tarkov. Happy to be here and glad to meet you all :slight_smile:

PS: LF a solo or dual cargo haulers that want to tag along my VHRT bounties for loot add me IG :3

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Welcome aboard

Welcome to ADI, great talking with you


Real Estate you say? Hoping you can help the Org aquire the best “location” when we can start purchasing land.

welcome aboard!

Hello @GoldiLox and welcome to ADI. I think you found a great org for you, there is always something going on and to get into. Hop into mumble and join up some time. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out. Hope to see you in the verse!!

Welcome to ADI Lox @GoldiLox
Great to see more Haulers in SC, if you need anything let me know and see you in the verse!

Welcome GoldiLox! One of my favorite things to do is take the Max out for HRT and above missions and hoping for good bonus cargo to snag. It almost had the same appeal of going fishing. You never know what you might catch. Would like to sync up with you sometime on this. -Ariana

Welcome to ADI! Look forward to seeing you in the verse and running some missions with you! Bounties are nice and being able to take that cargo is a nice plus to you payday!

Welcome to ADI @GoldiLox! Looking forward to seeing you in Mumble and in game! Happy to haul cargo for you, or if you want to go out mining one day feel free to hit me up!

Welcome to ADI look forward to grouping up, If you need any help or have any questions feel free to just, I am on mumble a lot.

Greetings Lox,

I might take you up on that! Been doing a lot of cargo lately!

Welcome to ADI! I will catch you around.


Welcome. I am a bit of a Tarkov nerd myself. I look forward to meeting up in-game and putting in rifle work with you. Salvage is always a great gift too.

Welcome to ADI Lox. I’m glad you joined the team. Have you thought about doing your VHRT bounties in a well armed cargo ship, like an M2 or C2? That’s I got started; serving as a day labourer for a player who took VHRT’s. He paid 10K aUEC/min and in 90 minutes he grossed 7M and netted 6M. At the same time, he taught me how to use the tractor beam and got me off to a decent start in the game. So yeah, I can play with you.

Welcome to ADI, Dont be afraid to reach out if you need anything.

Thanks for the warm welcome everyone. I ended up melting my Ion and upgrading my F7C package to a Constellation Taurus which solves my cargo problem. It gets the job done but the Constellation is really slow and bulky but still gets the job done really easily. Things go a bit slower now that I stop to loot the cargo but I feel like it’s refreshing and I won’t get burned out as quickly.

I’d still prefer to fly and dog fight in my F7C so I might use my extra credits and buy it again. If anyone wants a fighter escort hmu :smiley: