Hi, I am futureapples. You can call me future or apples or pretty much anything. I am another SSPG member migrating over. I primarily focus on bounty hunting. I am still in school and I am typically available on the weekends and sometimes throughout the week. I look forward to meeting everyone and chatting with y’all!

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Hey futureapples!
It’s been a pleasure to welcome you aboard today - your onboarding is processed and you should be good to go. Wanted to provide a link to our self-certifications; if you’re new to SC they should be helpful in getting your feet wet.
Hope we get a chance to play together soon!

Hi Apples, welcome to ADI!

Hey Apples! Welcome to ADI buddy! So nice to see you here, woot! I’ll be between Mumble and Discord so just let me know as always if you need any help :slight_smile: Again brother, welcome aboard!

thanks man!

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Welcome to ADI futureapples. I’m glad you joined the team. I look forward to our playing with you.

Welcome to ADI!

Welcome future! glad you came over.
cya in the verse o7!

Hey Future, welcome to ADI! Hope to fly some bounty missions with ya!

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