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Hi! I’m looking to join a larger org that plans to be the good guys out in the verse. I am a decently competent pilot, and have been ranked #23 on the Vanduul Swarm leader board in patch 2.2 and #36 in patch 2.6.2. I have a sizable fleet of combat fighters, most notable in the assortment being a Javelin. I’m a natural leader, and cool under pressure, and if possible, I’d like to aim at a leadership role within the org.

I am currently a member of Rogue Squadron, an org focused on fighting piracy in the verse, but recent discussion there has indicated they might not be a great fit for capital ship gameplay, and given I am a Javelin owner, that is somewhat problematic for me. If possible, I’d like to stay as an affiliate with them, as their aims align with the aims with this org fairly well. If I do, I’d likely only do limited participation in their larger events, though, because my duties would be to the org that’s my main org.


Welcome to ADI Tercero! I think we are what you describe pretty well. However please note, we do have a no-piracy policy. :slight_smile:

See you in the verse!

Welcome to ADI Tercero!. If you looking for a larger org that’s organized and anti-piracy, then ADI would be a good fit. Hope to see you in the verse.

Welcome Tercero! Glad to have you with us here at ADI, you picked the right org to call home with active and experienced members to enjoy the Verse. Hope to fly with you soon!

Welcome to ADI Tercero. Good to have you with us.

Hey Tercero!

You are definitely in the right place for large ship and multi-crew play!

We encourage all those that are interested in leadership to be active in mumble and participate in regular org operations that should be ramping up here in the next few months.

Unfortunately I have to be very frank and inform you that we do not allow affiliates with other orgs as we are an exclusive org. We provide exceptions only for social organizations (like a Javalin owners club for example). There is a reason why we chose you and we want you to be exclusive ADI :slight_smile:

That being said we definitely extend a warm welcome to the org and hope you enjoy your time here!


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Hello Tercerol and thank you for looking at ADI. We would love to have you join us but you will have to make some decisions based upon what you want out of your SC experience and organization. Let us know if you have any questions!

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Welcome to ADI. Sounds like you would be a good fit, and I hope you choose to be exclusive with us.
Hope to see you out there with us!

Welcome to ADI IIITerceroIII! As soon as you can, make sure to review Join ADI and have your Onboarding Interview to see if you can fit within our ranks which in most cases, is not hard.

Then we all can Welcome You Aboard to your new Star Citizen Home!

Welcome to ADI, Terco! Hopefully you decide to make the switch to us. Exclusivity is outlined on our homepage and we can discuss with you further if you elect to continue with the onboarding process. We are active and organized which keeps things fun and interesting. If you do elect to join, we are happy to have you and help you grow within the org. Good luck with your decision.

Welcome to ADI Tercero. I hope you decide to join us. Capital ship play has been a keen interest of ADI’s since day 1. I look forward to running ops with you.

Hey Ter! The onboarding process is great for figuring out whether or not we are a good fit. My best advice is to ask a lot of questions and see where it goes from there. Always good to see Jav owners unit, too! Welcome!

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Hey Terceroll welcome.

Hello welcome to ADI glad to have you part of our team =D