Intro: ecrov

I think the soundtrack playing on the initial “LAUNCH GAME” window is enough for me… :laughing: This game rocks and joining it at the ground level with a bunch of other space sim junkies is awesome. ADI, you guys have a structured goal oriented clan which suits my playing style well, so we should have a lot of fun together. My focus is getting rich, because whoever owns the money owns the universe. I plan on being a contributor to the mining and resource gathering operations of ADI but also enjoy combat.

My next step will be getting mumble setup. Please send recommendations for voice headsets. See ya in game.


Hey ecrov!

Welcome, love your approach! I actually use a webcam microphone (logitech something or another) with a pair of headphones. Would welcome a good headset that gets as solid audio as my headphones though.

Looking forward to seeing you on Mumble!


Hi Ecrov - Welcome to ADI! I’m running a Astro A40 which is awesome but pricey. Before I had this I had a set of sennheisers which was a lot less money and 95% as good. My cat killed the cord and I used that as an excuse to upgrade.

Welcome aboard Ecrov!

Glad to see we’ve got focused people like yourself joining the org. Money will definitely be the blood of ADI and without it our operations will cease. Cant wait to see you in the verse!


Hello Ecrov,

welcome to ADI hope to see you soon on mumble and discord and during flights in the PU



thanks for the warm welcome. does anyone play SC from their couch? I’m curious, do you need a joystick when flying?

Hello Escrov,

Welcome! I’m glad you’re joining us. Be sure to check out our calendar of upcoming flight nights and events. I hope to see you around and chat on mumble if we’re ever on at the same time. All the best to you while you get settled in

Hey Ecrov,

Welcome to ADI ! I like your approach and as Menatti said, will have to make sure the credits flow as we will have some massive operations going on when the game launches and we have to keep that gear oiled.

You asked if anyone plays from their couch. I personally do not as I fly with Track IR and a Saitek X52 Pro stick. I personally love it, but I know many of our members have their personal favorites too.

A joystick is only required if you are doing a Combat Pilot position, otherwise you do not need a joystick to fly. Though not necessary, I would say a Joystick and TrackIR setup is the preferred method of controls stated by most of our senior leadership. Don’t let this stop you from using what you want though as it is only a Combat Pilot requirement. (Side Note: I am in Exploration and Survey but I will say I found it much easier to learn on a stick then I did the mouse and keyboard, but with that being said, I did not play very long with M&K before I had purchased my stick and I have not looked back. At EOD everyone has their individual preferences. )

Thanks for the advice. I sit on a desk all day at work so playing from my couch is a small way which I unplug from work :smiley: I’m probably going to start working on a more realistic rig for couch gaming. I own a Saitek Cyborg Evo joystick. TrackIR will be a cool addition as well. Lots to work on before I’m ready for onboarding. Any advice on a wireless headset?

I use a wired headset so I am pretty much useless in that regard. ADI published a nice DIY pit for flying, maybe that would be good for the couch too, or atleast with a little modification it could be. See here: viewtopic.php?f=6&t=1675&p=5620&hilit=pit+instructions#p5620

I am eventually going to build this for myself and put a little ADI flare on it too :laughing:


Who doesn’t love getting rich? (Evidently me as I forgot to buy a lottery ticket, but hey)

I use the new Razer Tiamat 7.1 V2. Expensive though lol

Welcome Ecrov,

You asked for recommendations for wireless headsets. Personally I use an Astro A50. It’s a lil pricey but it was a gift but it’s not failed me in 5 years aside from the battery life not laying quite as long. I think I could warranty it but it still works good and I can charge while I’m using it with a mini USB plugged into an extension cord (better than being tethered to the pc). 7.1 surround sound and a convenient mechanism on the ear cup to balance between in game and VoIP levels (great for when the in game sound blares and you need to hear the team or when your mates get rowdy so you need to turn them down so you can hear enemy footsteps sneaking up on you).

Hope this helps. See you in game!