Intro - Daxersic

Been in gaming for many many years with many types of games, currently active in eve online, and decided to start getting into the alpha, looking to get into all the various aspects of the game and figure out how things work with everyone.

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Welcome Dax, Great to have you onboard, I look forward to meeting the rest of the squad once they all make it over from EVE. Talk soon

Welcome to ADI Daxersic. I’m glad you joined the team. I look forward to running ops with you.

Hi Daxersic, welcome to SC and ADI. What ship have you started with? See you in Mumble!

Hi there Daxersic, Thanks for joining ADI. I hope you are enjoying Eve Online, I have yet to play it myself but I bet it is just as amazing as star citizen. Hope to see you in the Verse?

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