Intro - ArkasValous

Hello and Howdy!

This is ArkasValous, but call me Arkas because that’s what I use everywhere else. I’m an old backer and a newer player of Star Citizen, and I am coming back to check out all the new features that have come in from when I originally tried out the earliest versions of the PTU. Nice to meet every here!

I’ve been in groups and organizations before for other games but I am interested in checking out everything ADI has to offer.

Welcome to ADI @ArkasValous, and welcome back to SC! You’ll find a great group of individuals here in the org to rediscover all the new things that have come into the game since you last played! Hope to see you in chat, and in the verse’!

Hey @ArkasValous Welcome to ADI. Glad to see you are wanting to get more into the verse. If you have any questions coming back feel free to reach out. Hope to see you in the verse!!!

Welcome to ADI, Arkas! The game is definitely much improved the last year or two, and there seems to be tons of improvements on the horizon after that CitizenCon! Hope to see you in chat and in game soon!

Welcome to ADI @ArkasValous and what a great name O7

Welcome ArkasValous. I am also new to ADI. I can tell you it’s a large org with lots of things to do, and lots a great people to help you along the way. See you in the verse!

Howdy Arkas,

Nice to have you on the team! What are you looking forward to trying out now that you are back in the saddle?


Thanks for the warm welcome!

I returned to Star Citizen after the announcement of Squadron 42 being feature-complete since I knew more development resources would be coming to Star Citizen and the PTU. Development of the game has been slow and steady, but I wanted to return while things were potentially going to ramp up over time.

A funny thing about my name is that the Valous part is just a tack-on to my usual user name just about everywhere else. However, as time went on there seemed to be a lot more people using my username in general. Someone reserved my name “Arkas” and then never did anything with the account so I settled on a suitable alternative.

I’m mostly looking forward to getting back into combat and flying because there’s not much like it out there. I’ve played a lot of flight sims and other space games, but Star Citizen has always felt different. It has a potential and I was just itching for something different again.

Welcome to ADI, @ArkasValous. Glad to have you aboard!