Intro Aegeaz

Hello Iam Aegeaz,

I am bad in intro things so here we go :smiley:

I have been playing Star Citizen for a while now and enjoy it. I like the big ships a lot and my favorite is the Hammerhead. I am interested in joining the fleet security.


Welcome to ADI, Aegeaz! What’s your favourite thing to do in game?

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Thank you! I Like doing the bounty missions or the Idris mission :smiley:

And you?

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That wasn’t a bad introduction. Welcome to ADI.
What ship are you enjoying?

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Thank you! I enjoy mostly the big ships, Hammerhead, Carrack, A2. Can’t wait until they introduce more big ships :smiley:

and for smaller ships the Eclipse and Scorpius now :smiley:

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Welcome to ADI Big ships are the way foward! Hope to fly with you soon in the 'Verse

I enjoy doing most things in game, not a fan of bunkers, but I’ve been running them quite a bit for some sweet loot!

Welcome to ADI Aegeaz, the Hammerhead is nice - solid choice.

Welcome to ADI! I’m more of a light fighter guy myself. Fleetsec is a great crowd. Look forward to meeting you in Mumble!