Intoduction: SnowRaven007

Hello all,

I look forward to making new friends and having fun.

I’ve played games like this since Freelancer and Everquest (old skool EQ). I spent over 15 years in WoW on both sides of that fence and in all aspects of guild management (including Co-GM)

I am very laid back, I work out alot. I also am in a stunt-saber (light saber) class and jujitsu (and karate).

Being in law enforcement, and on the teams I am on, keeps me offline. Though, I try to do what I can, when I can, how I can.

Respect is a two way street and I’ll give it if it’s given. But I won’t and don’t take crap. :slight_smile:

Have fun and see you all out there.


Hi and welcome to ADI, Raven. Sound rather experience in the mmo department and as it said real life comes first. Look forward to seeing you in game when you are.

Hi Raven,
Welcome to ADI. My partner used to be in to WoW and I’m wanting to get her into this. She’s reluctant atm but I might use your intruduction as further evidence that she should do so.
All the best,

Welcome aboard, SnowRaven, glad to have you here.

Welcome to ADI! You certainly have a busy real life! That stunt saber class sounds awesome, I need to see if I can find one in my area. See you in the verse!

Hi @SnowRaven007,

It was great meeting you and welcoming you to ADI on mumble.
I hope you had a great time tonight and I am looking forward to flying with you in the verse.

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to reach out to me either on mumble or through forum post.

Welcome to ADI!
Nicce to meet you in the verse today =)

Welcome to ADI SnowRaven007. I’m glad you joined the team. I look forward to running ops with you.

Warm welcome to ADI @SnowRaven007.

I had a blast flying with you yesterday and with your sense of humor I am certain that you will fit right in.

Feel free to jump in channel next time you see me and we’ll get that weapon shopping tour squared away.

Last we spoke briefly about ship purchases. Please remember to talk to me before purchasing (pledging) a new ship we’ll discuss the best purchase path for that ship so you get the best possible outcome.

Again, welcome to ADI.


Welcome raven. I had a lot of fun running around with you and the gang last night (sorry for crashing the transport, lol)

Welcome to ADI Raven! Luckily with how active our members are the time you do manage to have for Star Citizen can always be enhanced by ADI. With the friendly and helpful players in our organization I am sure you will have some good friends to have some fun with. Hope to see you in the Verse!

Welcome to ADI; love the two way street comment. I agree completely, there is a lot of range to age groups here some of us are toasting tea with the pharaohs… LOL. Welcome.

Welcome aboard SnowRaven! Thanks for your service as a LEO.

Greetings SnowRaven007, Welcome to ADI and glad to have you. I hope to meet you in the verse. Have you decided on a trade in-game?

Corpsman or just squad medic of some type. I have experience in such in other ways/terms. Perhaps “Special Operations” on the ground.

Nice choice :+1: