Indroduction: Piper_Face

Hey everyone

My name is Jon, I’m a design engineer in the UK

Fairly new to Star citizen, looking to try it all :smiley:
I have done bits and pieces in different fields, combat and trading

I have some experience with flight and FPS games so I wouldn’t say I’m amazing

Hoping to join crews on larger ships to take part in more of what SC has to offer.

Looking forward to flying with you.


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Hello @Piper_Face and welcome to ADI.

I think it’s great that you are excited about crewing up the larger ships.
If it is one thing that we will need it’s crew (personally I believe that there are more ships than crew until AI blades are implemented into the game).

Looking forward to getting to know you 'verseside.

Welcome aboard, @Piper_Face

There are always people around that im sure would be willing to crew up with ya. Anyway, good to have you here and I look forward to getting to know more about you and possibly flying together sometime. See ya in the verse!

Hi Piper_Face,
Welcome to ADI. What do you believe you’ll enjoy most at this point?
I love FPS and I’m hoping for more missions specialising in it when 3.10 drops.
I too prefer being on other people’s ships and to let others fly. I tend to crash a lot so it absolves me of any guilt if everyone dies horribly.

Hey Piper_Face,

Welcome to the org!
If you join on Mumble there’s usually a few of us around doing things in the game where we would be glad to have you join us in the fun.

Hi Piper _Face
I’m glad that you joined ADI hopefully next time i collect you my game wont crash
I will be on over the weekend so see you then :smile:

Welcome to ADI! It was good talking to you today. Glad we were able to get you in and rolling with us right away. Enjoy your time with us and don’t be afraid to ask for a crew when you want one :slight_smile: See you in the verse!

WElCOME!! to ADI bro if you have any question or you have a specific interest in one us Division let me Know

Hey @Piper_Face .Welcome to the org. I want to join some larger ships too. In the meantime you are welcome to try out any of this ships I have. I have a Carrack, Super hornet, Freelancer, etc. Don’t be a stranger. See ya in tha Verse… (and Mumble)

Hello @Piper_Face how are you? I’m new as well and look forward to seeing you amongst the stars!

Welcome to ADI Jon i look forward to joining you

Hi Piper_Face, welcome to ADI. Many of us have multi crew ships and would gladly welcome you on board to crew and have fun. Catch you in the verse.

Hi and welcome to ADI!
There are always room for crew on our ships =)
I hope you will enjoy gaming with us =) If you want company, make sure to hop on to mumble.

I hope to see you in the verse soon!

Welcome to ADI. Should be plenty of chances to crew bigger ships with people.

Hi @Piper_Face,

Welcome to ADI.

We can always use more crew in ADI. I personally can’t wait for version 3.10 to be released as it will allow us to send aUEC directly to each-other. This will make being crew and running multi-crew ship so much for fun and effective since we can actually pay crew for their help.

Welcome to ADI Piper_Face. I’m glad you joined the team. I look forward to running into you.

WElcome!! friend

Are you here for the pew pew?