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So I have been inactive for quite a while as my laptop has not been powerful enough to run star citizen. However I have a new job and have been able to save up some money and I’m looking to budget myself $16k - 20k to build me a computer that can run it so I can return to the fold. The only problem I am hitting right now is that I have never built a computer before and any tips would be appreciated before I go to buy parts… I have looked at the amd 480 and I’ve been suggested to get 2 of them when they come out… Outside of that I’m still quite unkowledged.

Welcome back!

I wanted to be sure you typo’d on your budget. Did you mean $1,600 to $2000? If so, you could build a suitable system for that amount. We do have a few people who are well versed in building PCs. Also on our website news page, there is a recommend “medium” build. [url][/url] Keep in mind this was from December of last year. Obviously there are now better CPUs and video cards you can get for the same money. Solid state drives have come down in price and up in size. Also, the mainboard listed will support the new Samsung 950 Pro NVMe SSD drives. You could get a 512MB ssd and unless you need the extra storage, just leave off the spinning hardrive. You could get an Nvidia 1070 card and intel i7-6700K CPU and still be below the above budget. With these corrections, I feel this build still stands well today, and would easily handle Star Citizen.

Keep in mind this is just my opinion.

One last question. Any particular reason you are leaning toward the AMD cards? Also, I’d probably wait a month or so for the market on the new cards to settle down a little.

Yeah that was a typo 1,600 - 2,000 is correct… Wish I had that other budget :stuck_out_tongue: I like the input gives me stuff to look over for sure. Also the reasoning for the amd Radeon was due to the price and power combination I was hearing I was told I could get 2 of the amd 480 and have it be just as strong as the new 1080 and be paying less… Unless that is misinformation as I saw a article pricing them at $200 and the 1080 priced at around $600

Yeah, bang for the buck the 480 looks promising. With the current limitations on frames-per-sec in the PU right now, a 480 would probably do just fine for now. When/if the netcode is improved or replace this could change. It also depends on what resolution, refresh rate and detail you intend to support.

One downside is that Star Citizen currently doesn’t support SLI or Crossfire. Another is that the two cards will most likely draw more power and require more cooling (which also requires power). If you go with a single 1070 you will be on par with a 980 Ti while having room to add a second card later when SLI is supported. Another consideration is if you plan to later support a 4k display.

Ok that makes sense most likely will do the 1070 in that case. However should I wait to buy with the 480 coming out you think it will drop the price of the 1070 at all?

What res monitor do you plan on running?

Well I’m not sure on that I want a good setup and right now I just have a 1080p monitor… And that’s about all I know of it but I do plan on getting a good one as I want 2 screens to work with

1070 will run virtually everything you can throw at it today above 60 fps on a 1080p monitor. Getting anything faster would be a complete waste of money unless you plan on upgrading to a 4k monitor.

all right what you guys think of this build… also i would be trying to get things on sale over the next 2 weeks to see if anything drops also i will probably wait for the 1080 and get a non founders as i could care less about look when it comes to the guts of the computer.

Why the 6700k instead of a 6500k?

ASUS makes less expensive motherboards with the same overclock ability, you can save $60-80 on the motherboard without loosing anything.

The Corsair 115i is a better buy if your case can handle it…

DDR4-2400 is penty fast for over clocking a 6500 or 6700k save the money.

Your motherboard has a M.2 slot, use some of the saved money to buy one of these instead:

Again if you’re not running 4k, get the 1070 and save the money.

I recommend this case for over clocking builds because of improved airflow:

You only need a 500-600watt power supply a 1kw is a waste of money for this build.

Why a bd-rom drive?!?! it’s 2016 just buy a 16GB thumb drive to load your OS and stuff it’s a lot faster than burning dvd’s.

ok so i updated some of the build and i added a monitor to the list doesn’t mean that is the specific one i would get but i do plan on getting a decent one. Also the build was one i originally copied from a friend and as i’m going to state agian in case i didn’t… i’m not as knowledgeable to all the stuff and how it works so that is why i referenced the build here so i can get some very needed pointers. when it comes to the 6500 to 6700 i actually don’t know the difference. Also when it comes to the motherboard again I dunno so if there is a better motherboard then pls link it and feel free to explain why as i would like to know the technical details too. … iew=CHQj4D

Also i know what overclocking is. So in terms that you mentioned it, is this build geared toward overclocking? I mean i hadn’t planned on doings so at this time mainly because i have no idea how to do so. Also is overclocking necessary for high end builds or personal preference?

The only reason to buy a K process is to overclock.

Yep shows how much I know about computer parts…

ok so my question i guess should be… if i were to start over with my first question being i’m budgeted 2k what build should i go for one that is capable of overclocking… or one that is not and i’d follow up with is 4k resolution that good?? “never actually looked at a monitor that has 4k!!”

4k is a personal preference… $2k USD build that can do 4k @ 60fps is a reach for modern titles is a reach. 50-55 FPS it’s doable, 60 FPS is a real stretch.

How far do you sit away from your monitor, and what size monitor are you using? Those 2 questions will answer if 4k is even a good choice are not for you.

Preface to this: I don’t understand the drive behind $1800-$2000 builds. At all. (I’m leaving out the cost of monitors, software, drives you carry over, etc., from that total.) My build cost me $1000-ish back in 2013, and with the exception of 8GB more RAM and a new R9 390 (yes, that makes a big difference, I know) when my 3950 died in January (2.25 years after I built it), it can still run Assassin’s Creed on ultra, Overwatch on ultra, etc., and get high double digit frame rates (when Blizzard hasn’t crapped the bed and broken Overwatch on me).

But, to my point, which is something Jay said this weekend when we were talking builds that I agree with: just because you can spend $2000 doesn’t mean you should. Yes, it’s wonderful to have the whose **** is bigger competition about having the most powerful 1080, BUT, here’s (Jay’s and) my counterpoint: spend $1000-$1200 now, get a 1070 or even 1060 based build, save that excess money, and upgrade components (like your GPU, like I did) or build a new PC in 2.5 years. Assuming you stretch your $2000 build to five years, you’ll spend the same amount of money and get more consistent performance the entire time. (Five years from now, your second 2.5-year-old tier-2 GPU will look a lot better than a 5-year-old tier-1 card.)

How far do you sit away from your monitor, and what size monitor are you using? Those 2 questions will answer if 4k is even a good choice are not for you.

I would say the distance between eyes and screen averages around 2 i don't think it wouldn't be more then that at all probably less then that most of the time. The screen i am currently using is 17 inch on my alienware m17x with a 2nd screen above it that is probably 20 inch and i just know its a 1080p but nothing more about it... cuz i forgot.

ok, and when it comes to budgeting the build and whatnot. So if i drop the cost to stretch the budget to last me longer, going over stuff the one thing i would think that i should make sure to be good, i’m assuming is the motherboard to leave room for expansion in the years to come. Also when it comes to motherboards and all the different manufactures and styles and so forth i get pretty lost on what is good or bad and why. So if i stick to a lower budget should i still splurge a bit on the motherboard? or is it just better to get one that isn’t to expensive and then take the parts off the one, and upgrade the motherboard in the future, or does that not work to well?? I can live with having a lower graphics card and i’m assuming i can get a cheaper I7 that isn’t so expensive and i doubt i need overlocking?? which would drop the cost of the build a lot i would assume? plus i bet i’ll change the way the build works based off screen too?

Dude, for the love of all that is holy… some punctuation, please! I know it’s the internet, but writing in proper sentences will make it WAY easier for us to understand what you’re asking. That said: Jay can override me if I’m misremembering, but aim for a 6600K with an H115i cooler and a Z170 motherboard. You’re buying the lower-level K to save money and overclock it yourself (to get the same power as the 6700K) and the H115i to cool that overclock. As far as mobo, don’t skimp just to skimp and don’t splurge just to splurge - I’ve trusted Tom’s Hardware in the past as a good recommendation source for gaming motherboards. I don’t know the hardware well enough right now to make a call for you, but I’m sure others do.

ok, yeah sorry about that. I don’t think about punctuation very much, i’ll work on that for sure. I also edited it so hopefully its less of a eye sore :slight_smile: Also for the 6600k i’m assuming that is the i5. Also i’ve updated the part list i have trying to stay along the changes and suggestions and I’ve come up with … iew=CHQj4D

these are a few spots i’m currently looking at motherboards but i don’t know exaclty why i should choose one over another. I got one on the part list currenlty that looks decent and had a couple good reviews on PCPP … ge=1&c=110 … 88.html#p4